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Ryanair / online ticket scam

1 England, East Sussex, United Kingdom Review updated:

Recently tried to book return flight with Ryanair to malaga from Bournemouth. Got all the way to the end, when I tried to pay it came up with an error message and asked me to do it all over again. Hey what a surprise the price of the flights had changed!!! They had gone up and its not the first time its happened its the third time in a year!!! Have spoken to others who have had same thing as well. I believe Ryanair is posting cheap flights to lure customers and then pretending there is a glitch to get them through again and then mysteriously the flight prices change!!! Spookey!!! Be ware all!!!

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  • Gl
      23rd of Jul, 2009
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    I've recently booked 3 flights for 2 people with ryanair. Bournemouth to Reus for £5 each, Palma to Reus for €0.94 each (on the Spanish site) and Rues to Bournemouth for £5 each.

    In all its cost me and my partner appox. £21.70 all inclusive of check in fees, taxes, online booking fees and anything else.

    I couldn't get flights from Rues to Palma for the dates i wanted without paying a considerable amount more and most other airlines and ferry companies were either booked out or even more expensive. In the end we decided to travel from Rues to Barcelona by train (€7 each for a 1 hour 30 minute journey) and i booked from Barcelona to Palma with Vueling Airlines for €22.24 each. This was a specially discounted air fare from Vueling (a Spanish airline) but they added tax at €32.55 and a debit card fee of €4.50 bringing the fare up to €84.50.

    In summary 3 flights from Ryanair £21.70, 1 flight from Vueling £60.35, train fare £12.70, several short distance bus journeys at (€2 each) £10, total cost for an awesome holiday £104.75... no complaints here :)

    We're going away on a small budget but with the air fare being so cheap we were able to secure 3 hotels on the beach (most with breakfast or all inclusive) and a nice place to stay overnight in Rues before jumping on the train. Total cost of accommodation £327.

    Total "Package" Price is £432 which considering the number of flights, destinations and type of accommodation we're getting, i think is a steal compared to what i'd get walking into a high street tour operator...what's more we leave on 30th July, and are staying during the two weeks that are considered the "high peak" season, the most expensive time of the year to travel or stay.

    It's easy looking at the figures above where the majority of the savings have come from. Thank you Ryanair for a great holiday in advance and thanks for the extra spending power we will have while we're on holiday... it's much needed in this economic climate... we'll certainly have a drink on you :)

    Rob and Trace
    Cheshire, UK

  • Ha
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    I have had the same experience twice. An error on the payment, then being forced back to booking again at a higher price. Both times with a 10 euro jump on the return trip part. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on...This and the rediculous processing fees that had already been a frustrating part of the booking adventure, made me decide this time to not book with Ryanair. The other airline that I went to, cost about the same but atleast I didn't have the feeling that I was being jacked around. I wonder if any authorities are investigating this scam.


  • Ih
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    The exact same has just happened to me - went through to payment then claimed a 'duplicate' payment might have been made. Went back and the prices had jumped. From £50 yesterday when I first started trying to get tickets, they've now doubled. I know prices fluctuate and rise according to demand, but this is a SCAM - it's criminal. I see from complaints forums that people have been making complaints about this for at least 3 years. It's 2011 - how come no authorities have done anything about this?

  • Pr
      29th of Oct, 2011
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    Be very careful to ensure that you have not made a mistake with the name to go on your Boarding Pass. Furthermore, he booking form is deliberately crowded with add-ons which may escape your notice until you find you have been charged for them. The print is in places almost impossible to discern and confusing and once your name has been entered it never appears again. If you try to go backwards to check, you find yourself at the first page (interestingly your flight dates remain but nothing else) and have to book all over again. In the meantime, the fare has increased! If your boarding pass is incorrect, you will be charged. If others have made the same mistake, you will miss your flight. You will not be reimbursed and the ground staff will refuse to speak to you. Or if you are unlucky like me, they will be extremely rude and antagonistic. If you ask to speak with someone in charge you will be treated as though you do not exist.
    This is a disgrace of an airline running on seriously questionable practices. If you think that's OK because "they are cheap and can't be making much money", check out Ryanair boss's bank account.

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