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Ryanair / poor lost property handling!

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I would like to complain about Ryanair's handling of Lost Property at Stansted Airport in London.

I left my new iPod Video on a flight back from Rome in the early morning of the 21st of March. I realized i had left it on the plane whilst i was still in the tunnel leading from the runway and ran back and saw the plane still there with the stairs still attached, but as we were pretty much the last people off the plane, they had closed the doors and would not let me through, they simply referred me to their lost baggage desk in the terminal. I went to the desk and was handed a piece of paper and no advice by a Ryanair employee and told to call a number and leave a message and they would get back to me in 24hours. The company I was instructed to call is a lost property handling business at Stansted Airport called 1stFlight. I called them straight away and emailed them as soon as i got home but still no reply on either.

My complaint is that Ryanair, firstly are handling lost property very badly and offer no reassurance or support on such matters (I have tried to call each number for Ryanair and they all tell me to call 1st flight and leave a message). Secondly, i believe that if this item is not found, then either (and i hate to make false accusations but...) the flight crew or the cleaning staff found it an kept it for themselves. Of course this is just speculation but there is no doubt that the item was on that plane and if it was not handed to lost property then i believe Ryanair staff stole it. My other complaint is directed at 1stFlight who seem to fail to address inquiries. I don't understand how it can take them so long to look at a sheet of paper and contact me back. My fear is that if this drags out and the item was found that it will then be lost in backlogs and there will be nothing I can do about it.

Please advise me on anything else i can do because even though this would not seem a huge loss, it is an expensive item that i won't be able to afford again and to lose it like this because of over-bureaucracy is sickening!

Thank You,
Sam McMullen

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  • Mi
      5th of Apr, 2007
    -8 Votes

    WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK??? If your stupid enough to leave a iPod on a plane, its ryanair's fault now? What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Da
      6th of Aug, 2007
    -2 Votes

    I run the company involved in the handling of lost property at London Sansted airport. Having looked into the complaint I can confirm or company returned an email to the passenger the day the item was register with us, stating the item was not handed in and at that point we did not have the item lost. We advised we would contact the enquirer only if the item is handed into us and a possible match made.

    Additionally after reading this complaint I personally looked into this and emailed the passenger Sam Mcullen stating again we did not have the item and if they wanted to speak with us please call us. I also called the telephone number we were issued at the time of the reported loss with no reply. There really is nothing we can do if items are not handed in to us.

    I am more than happy we carried out our duties as per our clients (airlines) expectations.

  • Be
      13th of Dec, 2007
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  • Le
      20th of Jun, 2008
    +3 Votes

    A similar thing happened to my child. She went with her boyfriend to Sevilla from Stansted. He lost his passport on the plane. Ryanair staff refused to let him return look for it. The pair were separated by shouting customs officials with guns who spoke no English. He was deported from Seville as an illegal alien and treated like a criminal. I had to listen to my daughter (aged 16) crying down the phone to me from Spain because her holiday was ruined. When he returned to Stansted his passport was reported stolen and he must buy another, It had been handed in as lost to Ryanair staff. Anyone who finds a lost passport on the plane MUST understand that it is necessary to return it or the owner's holiday will be ruined. Ryanair provided no documentation to the BF to explain what had happened. Their behaviour was appalling. I am shocked they could be so cruel and inhumane- it doesn't matter how much or how little I paid for the ticket: this is dreadful dreadful treatment of passengers.

  • Jo
      19th of Oct, 2008
    -5 Votes

    You really think someone is going to hand in a new iPod if they find one? That will teach you to take care of your property.

  • Ra
      28th of Jan, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Have you noticed that people become uncivilized when they are travelling with Ryanair, we call it heard of humans. Same is apparent with Ryanair staff, they care more about money and how much money they made in the end of the flight. If one is missing 1 euro they will be more troubled than your iPod. Either stop travelling with such a flight or start taking care of your products. If left behind it would go to the Staff TGIF fund.

  • Di
      21st of Mar, 2009
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    I think Ryanair have a duty of carer t0 its customers as it could have been them that lost something and try to put themselves in their shoesdisapointed Customer

  • Pa
      19th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes
    Ryanair/beauvais - Paris-Dublin FR29 16 jan 2010

    I am looking for the other 4 passengers who missed this flight on account of wrong information on the screen at the entrance to gate D and the names of the passengers not being called.
    The flight was due to leave at 10.30pm and a 10.15pm we found out boarding had taken place at gate D, down the passageway, while we were staring at the screen with this flight on it and no mention of boarding. The airline would not board us on the flight but tried to sell us new tickets at €100. I ran to get the last bus back into Paris.

    It is actually Beauvais and not Ryanair who are at fault. The airport denies that they didn't abide by the rules that govern all airports. I would like to find the other four passengers as mutual witnesses that this happened, and to find out what happened after I left. Ryanair told me there was a police report but cannot give me any more information on that.

  • Sh
      30th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes
    Ryanair Company - terrible attitude and wrong information
    Ryanair company

    Terrible Experiment
    On 8.30.2010, i take bus for BEAUVIIS airport at 5 AM from Paris city center, i arrive airport before 7 am, this is my first time for take Ryanair aircopany flight, my flight tickets is 84€, I am not familiar how to handle, and i don't understand french language, before 8, i ask many checking count staff, they seems don't understand English, or answer no, or let me go other count, one lady let go ask the final count for asking, two ladys' attitude in checking count table is very bad, that lady on the first count which just say i don't know.i ask her three times, i walk many return between count, time pass, i ask the last final count that i pay money for changing another flight, that lady tell me go over there, during this period, nobody answer my problem seriously, time pass away, till 8' oclock, i ask a lday, only she sit there, nothing to do, she tell me clearly you are too late, can not checking, she use English and she understand my meanings, but i don't know why can not answer my question before checking time, i am hurry, i run to the entrance, that sttaff tell me you need checking, departed at 8:30, you have enough time, but i come back checking count asking give me checking. in, she just only answer "no, you can not checking, too late, i ask neighbour count staff, , he want to help me, ask that lady, that lady refuse very rudely, i tell them i have another flight to bangkok from milano, that lady tell me i can catch another flight afternoon, they let me ask information, i ask information staff, she tell me the flight of afternoon have full, no seat, i show her my next flight time, she tell me i can take another flight to pisa from paris, and then i can catch train to milano, and give time table, (departed 7:10 pm and 9:05 arrive Milan malpensa airport, , then i can catch my next plane to bangkok from Milano, she bring me to count table, let me pay money buy this tickets so as to catch my plane, i come back information count, ask her about this flight time and how to get to milano, time of arriving, she call many time and then tell me i have time for catch this train for catch my next plane, and write time paper to me, but i arrive Pisa, and i run to train station, ask train staff, he tell me, this train only get to city center, you can change another train to milan, but when i arrive center statin of Pisa, this city which i have no infromation and even never hear it, staff tell me no train to milano airport, the earliest train is 9 pm, i show time that ryanair company give me, she tell me this time have no train, and take 4 hours to Milano from pisa, (Ryanair information staff tell me just only need 2 hours, i can arrive Milano), how do she have this time, she suggest me go back to airport, ask if have plane to Milano, i go back to Pisa airport, but staff tell me no flight to milano from pisa, because these wrong information, i miss this flight to bangknok from milano 30 august, and 2 september to shengzhen(china ) from bangkok, and from shengzhen to Taiyuan( my city), i have to stay outside if airport, i call Ryanair company and paris airport of Ryanair compay, but nobody answer, and can not connect, the second day i try many times, but can not connect, because of these wrong, i can not go back to my country for working i am teacher, 100 students watting for me to teach, but i have to stay here, when i stay paris airport, meet discrimination, they don't give me answer refused give me lead to me miss the first flight, afterwords give me information, lead to me miss all of my flight, and i can not go back to my school on time, this, hurt me seriously, i ask refund my money and compensate my loss. I don't forget that face of that lady who refuse give me check in(i just want to boarding and catch my nextplane, i even throw out my some goods, so as to catch this plane)i think she must be charged this duty, when i ask how to and where can give me boarding pass for milano, noboday answer me, but when she refuse me, she can use english, beginging when i hopelessly walk to another acount table from one acount table, that cold lady staff don't give me help, when time is 8 'oclock, she can tell me i can not checking clearly using english, she should be charged this accident, another lady information staff., i don't know why she give me this wrong information, let me go to PISA airport, i have to stay in aboard and can not go back to my homefor working.
    From milano to bangkok, 210 EUROPE money, And from bankok to Shengzhen is 4010 Thailand monney, and from shengzhen to my city 600 RMB, and i have no tickets to my country, i try to contact with RYANAIR company, but failure, i have to stay Milano for 5 days so as to contact RYANAIR COMPANY but failure, , due to no booking accomadation advance, i almost can not find accomadationa sometimes sometimes or spend much money for accomadation. i had to buy new expensive tickets back to my country, but this accidents hurt me seriously, all of this accident is because of some staff irresponsible and bad attitude .

  • To
      8th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    i had no idea this was a scam, never did i intend to use this company acomplete rip off

  • Lu
      10th of Jul, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I've just had a similar experience with the way Ryan Air handles lost property. I thought my compact camera was in my bag, but after I left the airport and was travelling home I realized it was not there. I believe it fell out of my bag during flight and under the seat. I did look back at my seat as I was leaving the aircraft, but because I thought it was in my bag, I didn't go back and check under the seat. Besides, when you've been travelling for hours and everyone on the plane is irritated and just want to leave, I didn't have much time to think about it. What was I supposed to do?! Ryan Air should at least take care in clearing out the aircraft before the next flight and be decent enough to keep any items found, then log them properly to give the owners time to contact them to collect the lost items. I immediately contacted Ryan Air, but it was a recorded message that directed me to First Flight's number. Again, it was a recorded message as their offices were closed. My flight arrived into Stansted on Saturday evening and everywhere number I tried to contact somebody, their office was closed. It was also closed on Sunday, so I had to wait until Monday. I called First Flight again on Monday and was told to call back the next day as it was not on the list. So...I called again today (Tuesday) and again, I was told that my camera was not on their list and that it was unlikely now that I will ever get it back. How helpful is that?!!! Sometimes losing items is an accident and Ryan Air should change their procedure to help their customers more and show that they care!

  • Ba
      3rd of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes
    Ryanair And Stansted Airport - Missed flight due to broken carousel

    Basically having arrived two hours early for a flight to Dublin from stansted we ended up missing our flight due to the baggage carousel at check in being broken

    As result, the Que was astronomical and when we realised that we were if fact cutting it thin due to the amount of back log from we notified staff who directed us to gate 150 and too hat we would get express check in and make our flight! Ten minutes later with no movement whatsoever ever we consulted with the same staff member who told us that it was to late and she closed the gate!

    This had nothing to do with us and it was impossible from the very begging to ever make it on a flight that was in fact incapable of checking customers in! 110 pounds later and no help from anyone, particularly when I asked for the incident to be put in writing we arrived home wry angry and broke! I expect to be refunded in full

    Additionally we were told to try go to the gAte without checking in and as a result all if my liquids etc that were in my checked in large bag where removed and binned,
    all at the value of at least 200$

    Where and how do I go from this?

  • An
      22nd of Nov, 2015
    +2 Votes

    I had a similar experience having recently left a mobile phone on the flight from Manchester to Dublin. First Ryanair says I should contact Dublin airport. So I looked at Dublin airport website and was pleasantly surprised to see a matching mobile phone was handed in on the same day as my flight. So I reported my loss via the website. A week later no response. So I tried phoning and got an answer machine which took my details. Again no response after a week. I don't expect to see my mobile phone again but I at least expected some sort of response from the airport. Is that too much to expect. As for the rude people who say it's your own fault for losing it, I hope one day you or one of your dependants lose something very expensive. Karma!
    I should also add that I bought a watch on the flight and discovered it was broke during the flight. The staff said they could not take it back and I would have to complain in writing to the supplier! So don't buy any goods on Ryanair flights.

  • Fa
      21st of Feb, 2018
    +3 Votes

    my daughter was travelling with 30 teenagers coming back from Rome to Dublin on Ryanair flight left iPhone on board realized in tunnel, ran back refused entry into plane, given phone number to call Lost and found, PHONED NEXT MORNING phone was not handed up, RYANAIR HAVE LEFT CUSTOMERS EXPOSED HERE AND DONT FOLLOW UP COMPLAINTS WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN !!!I have looked at lost and found in Dublin Airport and have discovered you are more likely to get property you have left behind BACK WHEN FOUND BY SOMEONE IN ANY OTHER PART OF THE AIRPORT RATHER THAN ON BOARD A RYANAIR FLIGHT.

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