Ryan Homes / squeaky floors, shotty drywall work and paper thin walls

Richmond VA, United States
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I purchased in anderson mill in sandston, va in may 2014. Two years later, I began to notice that the floors started squeaky very loudly, so much that it was embarrassing when my guests noticed all of the noise through the ceiling. When I had my final inspection before the first year was up, they had the flooring contractor come supposedly to fix the floors. This was in 2015, and a year later the same problem resurfaced. When I contacted ryan homes, all that they could do is to refer me to a flooring contractor (Which of course, I am responsible for paying). To add insult to injury, they gave me the wrong phone number.

Also, two years in the drywall started pulling away from the wall, exposing gaps in the hall way and one of the bedrooms upstairs. I could actually see what looked like netting through the gaps in some areas, this was not related to the house settling as ryan homes tried to tell me. It was due to shotty work being performed.

Lastly, either the home was not insulated properly, and/or the walls/ceilings are paper thin. From my bedroom, I can clearly hear every word of a conversation from someone talking downstairs in the sun room, through my master bath. I asked why this was so during my final inspection, and was told "i don't know".

This is the second ryan home that I have owned. I had a good experience with the first one (Greenwood glen, allen va in 1998) , which is why I purchased the second one. However, I can't describe how very disappointed I am with this one, and I will never purchase another ryan or recommended this builder to anyone. I can't wait to ditch this property, and never look back!

Ryan Homes

Jan 13, 2017

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