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United States

I had my money sent to my from my school and they have yet to reissue an replacement card.

This is what happened. My purse was stolen and my debit cards and my state id were all in that purse. So I called rush card to ask for a replacement then remembered my friend also had a rush card. So I was going to do a transfer to transfer but since I had paused my card they would not let me do it. So I tried unpausing the card and when I did I immediately got kicked out my account online and taken to the login screen. When I tried to log back in it stated my account has been suspended and to call their 1866 customer service numb. When I called they said then I needed to send in id, social security card and a utility bill before they could unlock or unsuspend my account and or send me a replacement card.
I have sent in all 3 requested forms not just 1 time, 2 times, 3 times but probably 10 times no joke. I am so frustrated and really amazed how they offer no phone number for corporate or headquarters and or how they can't seem to be able to see 1 atleast one of those forms I have sent them. They keep tellling me they are not visible or unclear???!!! Really??? I wish someone would give me a number to call to someone who has had this issue resolved to someone that can actually help me.

Or should I just call the news channel and or a lawyer?

Feb 10, 2019

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