RushCardstop payment

To whom this may concern i am writing in regards to my Visa Rushcard. Tonite i made a purchase online to this anti-virus protection and found out it was a scam, so i called my Rushcard hotline to speak to a rep and do u know they refused to put a stop payment on this item for me the item in question was suppose to download and did not so i just lost 51.45 that i could have saved to feed my kids with or something of that nature i am not trying to sound like a victim but i feel if u advertise that u can have all this freedom with Rushcard purchases and they cant do a stop payment then its just like a scam too. I personally feel like that as long as whoever makes this card and advertise it is comfortable they could care less about the average working citizen 51.45 might not seem like a lot of money to u but it was to me i just want to be treated fairly...

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