Rural Kingsetting associates up to fail.

A Nov 25, 2017

I currently work for Rural King store number 74. From the time I've started I've noticed the lacking in training and giving associates proper tools to do thier jobs. Our bathroom is one example, an outside company should be hired to clean it because they have proper training and the proper tools however this store puts it on the loaders and cashier's with the only tools is those brown paper towels that spread matter not soak it and the glass cleaner used to wipe counters is what's provided to clean. The popcorn machine pump now has to be hand dipped by the cashier's and they're expected to keep up with customer service while destroying thier clothes. The fan that keeps the service desk cool is broken and even if it weren't they've blocked the air flow. There are very few raises and no one is fully trained because the rules change with each manager, the lack of communication makes this store less efficient than it could be. The loaders are expected to take out trash late at night after store closes and they're off the clock. I've only been here 3 months but it's obvious that this store does not care about it's associates and unhappy associates means a poorly run store.

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