Rural Kingincompetent customer service

I Placed an order with Rural King online - Submitted the order and was approved and paid via Paypal. 9 Days went by and I still did not receive my item. I went online to check the status and indicated not shipped yet. I emailed their customer service department and was informed that their fraud department had stopped my order for some reason. It would be nice if they bothered to try at all to contact me within the 9 days to inform me... I checked my Paypal account and they were Paid in full for the item 9 days ago. When I sent them the Paypal documentation to show that the item was paid, they said they would issue me a refund which I did not state I wanted, I wanted the item that I had purchased because it was on sale for $50 off. When I went back online to try to re-order the item, it amazingly was now full price. I tried to contact them again to get them to honor the sale price and they told me Sorry, it is no longer on sale. I called to physically speak to someone and the guy on the other end of their customer service sounded like he could barely stay awake, After all of my explanations he stated that there was nothing they could do, the item was amazingly out of stock online as well, I asked him if any stores had the item and he said yes but they would not ship anything. This company seems like it is run by a bunch of imbeciles. I actually feel that the item was just out of stock all along, If I had not contacted them I would have had a $200 charge on my Paypal account with nothing to show for it. Beware and stay away.

Aug 21, 2018

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