Rural Kingarrow commander chd1030 shed 10'x30'

I am not a very happy customer. I have just started using Rural King products after we moved to an area that had a store nearby. I was looking for a shed to used for my boat and noticed the one mentioned above for $900 and some odd dollars. I knew this was a great deal because these sheds run around $1900 usually. I assumed it was a clearance price. I purchased it, putting it on my credit card. I saw the Visa transaction on my online banking site and waited for its arrival.
When I purchased it I was told that I would get a confirmation email. I waited but none arrived. I finally called after several days and was told that the shed had been placed on back order and that it would not arrive at my home until July or so (this was around 6-8 weeks later at the time). I was asked if I still wanted it with the wait being so long and I said, "Yes, of course." I waited and I noticed that my credit card statement that arrived in the mail did not have the shed transaction on it. I thought it could be because of the wait.
I called your customer service line and was told that the whole transaction had been cancelled. I asked why was I told that I could wait before by email but now, on the phone, I am being told the whole purchase is null and void. The man on the phone said that Rural King ran out of the sheds that were being sold online at that price, and that once it was realized there weren't enough the transaction was voided followed by an email being sent out notifying people what happened. I told him I never received an email and still haven't received one regarding this cancellation. He said that it was sent, but that simply is not true. I have few emails sent to the email account I have on file with your company.
I let this go but then asked him why wouldn't Rural King honor the deal we made online--- when the new shipment arrives just send it along? He said that Rural King wasn't sure when they would receive another shipment of these particular sheds. I knew now what had happened. I knew that I was being played for a fool. I knew that Rural King most likely owns a web site not programmed up to speed and it allows multiple sales of a product they don't have enough of. Instead of honoring these sales Rural King plays it quiet and waits for people to grow discouraged forgetting the whole matter.
I don't know how I could be told by one representative that I will be getting a back ordered shed, but then the one on the phone tells me I am basically out of luck. I don't like to be told by your man on the phone that you may not be getting in any more sheds knowing full well you would be. Your site sells them right now for $1, 623.99 down from $2, 319.99 once you add it to your cart. When I was looking they were around $1, 950 and when you added it to your cart it dropped to around $925.
I like your store but I refuse to go back into it until this is taken care of. I would like the shed I purchased to be back on the table at the sale price that I purchased it at. I want to say it was roughly $925, plus $206 for shipping. I could be off a few dollars. I can get my bank to send me all transactions on my Visa if you require proof. I debated on pushing this any further but after talking to my father-in-law he was adamant that I reach out and give Rural King a chance to make this right. Thank you.

Larry Webb

  • Updated by LarryW1988, Jul 28, 2018

    Please contact me to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

  • Updated by LarryW1988, Jul 28, 2018

    Please contact me with questions or concerns.

Jul 28, 2018

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