Ruby Tuesday / service was great. manager was rude

We were eating last week at the Ruby Tuesday's in Hot Springs, our server was very nice she did everything she could to make us happy. My husband sent his double decker chicken back because it was still raw in the middle. The server wasn't around so the hostess took care of it. We never seen the manager, until we were done with our meal. Our server did a great job, but something must have happen because my husband went to our server to let her know we were ready to pay. Seemed like 20mins later another server came over and said she would be taking care of us for Now on. As we were leaving we noticed our server standing at the bar, I'm guessing the lady in the regular clothes was the manager, she was very rude towards the server and was yelling and calling our original server dumb. Very uncalled for our server was excellent but I feel like the manager was out of line. We will be back because we did have great service even though our food wasnt cooked.

Mar 31, 2016

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