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Ruby Tuesday - management

My family and I decided to eat at Ruby Tuesday after a long day of shopping. All was well, service was excellent but the food was not up to par. We asked to speak to a manager to give feedback and our server went to get one. The manager ( Deborah) came to our table and right away we felt like were being annoying to her. She had this disgust look on her face. She ended up stating that she was not giving us free meals but would give us desert. We told her that's not what we want, we just wanted to give you feedback. She said "okay thanks". I've worked in the food industry and once was a GM before. I know customers can be annoying but you always have a smile on your face, its the job! Deborah was not nice at all! Our server was very friendly and apologized plenty of times. But to have a manager look down at you and make you feel like you came just for free food is sad. After she left our table I could hear her talk to other employees about us as she kept saying "Other managers might like giving free ### away but not me. They can go themselves". This is not professionalism and not a way for a manager to act.

Ruby Tuesday - service and appearance

When I walked in the door a strong oder over powered the atmosphere. I'm sure it was from the carpet
We stayed because my husband wanted a burger. I sprayed air freshner because I was getting nauseated. I ordered tea it was old and starting to sour. I exchanged it for lemonade with grenadine because what my husband had was to tart . My husband ordered a burger with the add on $2.99 salad. I told the server I didn't want anything I would have a couple bitespecially of his salad. The sever then told me that if he saw me eating any of the salad he would charge me for a Salad bar . I told him but the salad is paid for. He said well you can't eat any of it and I will charge you if I see you. I visit RT in Alexandria, LA and I have never been told this. I asked for a to go cup he said all they had was kiddie cups. This is the worst one I have ever been to. We were there MAY 23 2016 around 2pm. We sat to the right when you walk in. If this policy is correct I thinkle it be revised. But the restarant need to be cleaned.

Ruby Tuesday - poor customer service and management.

On May 19, 2016, we arrived at Ruby Tuesday at about 8:45 p.m. (Now this was my daughter's graduation night) a party of 12. Cynthia (the manager) told me it would be a 45 minutes to an hour wait, so we waited about this time it was 9:45 or 9:50 p.m. When we got a sit. The waitress/hostess came an got our order for the drink but four of my party hadn't arrived yet, she bought our drinks out but no silverware, once my other four party came they placed their order for mixed drinks once they got only one, it wasn't right and by the time the shift manager came to the table and I explained it to him and he told us the bar was closed now, but we explained to him when we place our order the bar wasn't closed and it wasn't our fault that the drinks wasn't right, now take it in mind the restaurant was filled with customers. Now about thirty minutes later the waitress/hostess came and took our order, we (8) of us didn't get our order until about 11:10 p.m. Three was wrong, had to go back when we got it back all of it was cold except one of the order, the other four never did get their order and by this time I was so upset we paid for the ticket. I feel we should be reimbursed on half of this ticket the total was $123.00. I'm sure Lance (shift manager) would know exactly who we was.

Yesterday was my friend's birthday. Neither of us went to Ruby Tuesday before. We chose to go to dinner at the restaurant at Grand Bazaar in Trinidad. We were refused entry into the dining hall because they judged the lady's dress to be "too short"...what utter rubbish! My friend is still devastated by her birthday experience. We went to another restaurant a few doors down and we were warmly and respectfully welcomed. We missed our first Ruby Tuesday experience but our time spent at Trotters Restaurant was well spent. Never more Ruby Tuesday lunch or dinner for us...and most of our friends and relatives who were flabbergasted as we were. If you need further details feel free to email me at [email protected]

Ruby Tuesday - food purchase

5/13/2016, made by 1at purchase to Ruby Tuesday in Willingboro NJ. I actually had a coupon for BOGO free entree. I figure i get my hubsand and I dinner before I go home. Kids menu looked convincing also. Services was speedy and friendly. When I got home l, well that another story. We open 2 boxes of burnt mini cheeseburgers with about 12 French fries. My kids were upset becAuse they were not eatable. On the other hand I order Talipia, baked potato with brocolli. That potatoe was extra hard. Fish was ok. Either way i didny eat the dish. My hubby dish consist of steak, potatoe and fries. Only thing he ate was steak. Sad to say 1at experience and last with ruby tuesday

Ruby Tuesday - i am complaining about the service our family received on sun. may 8, 2016 (mother's day)

On Sat., May 7, 2016 our family made a reservation for a table of 10 plus a child's seat for 4 P.M. on Sunday, May 8th (Mother's Day). When we arrived we were taken back to a table of 6 and another...

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Ruby Tuesday - product and service

On 4/29/16 I went to the restaurant in North Haven with family. The service was not that good and we never got the rolls or whatever they are called but other tables got them. She didn't check on us or make sure we had everything we needed. Then when my steak came it wasn't cooked right and was told I ordered it the wrong way. I wanted medium rare not rare. She gave me a hard time about it so they made another one, which i got to go, was cooked the same way rare so the dog ate it. I am not happy about this. It took me this long cuz I couldn't find the receipt but I have it.
Table 104/1. Chk7293. Gst4 time 5:32pm spent 37.16 then there's 833 Faeish M.
I always enjoy Ruby Tuesday and not sure if I'll go back.
Thank you
Patricia Tiroletto
179 Charter Oak Ave
East Haven CT 06512

Rare is nearly raw. Medium is half cooked and bloody. Well is 3/4 cooked and pink, and well done is brown.

Ruby Tuesday - service and staff

I work for the Ruby Tuesday's in Spanish fort and nothing is being done about our bartender Katie. Everyday since I've been here she dictates to us servers that she doesn't take tables after 3 well...

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Ruby Tuesday - employment

My name is Jenifer Williams I was supposed to be hired by the Ruby Tuesdays in Clinton MD. I went in for an interview they said to come back the next day for orientation which i did. When I got there they said they were having computer problems and i would have to come back on Friday. Went back on Friday and the same thing they wanted me to come in on Tuesday but i work my other job and couldn't make it so they said they would call me. I waited a week and called the lady Devon that I talked to said that i woulf be getting a call from Vincent. Vincent never called me so I called him April 30th. He once again said he was going to call me back and I still havent heard from him. That isn't right what the did saying they were going to hire me I went out and bought clothes for the job with money i didnt have. If they weren't going to hire me then they should of just said so. And i would like to be compensated for the items i bought.

Ruby Tuesday - management

A new cook was hired and turns out that he is a drug dealer and is selling cocaine to one of the other chefs and he is doing it on company time and premise. I am getting tired of telling the management team and the response is that they have to see it themselves. All of the other employees see and know that this is going on and nothing is being done about it. I have seen and heard it being done personally. He is making an unsafe work place for everyone else that works there and i am getting tired of working with these conditions.

Tonight was my first visit to Ruby Tuesday. I treated myself to a birthday dinner in Hickory, NC. Since most similar restaurants in the area do something special for birthdays, I mentioned to my waiter that it was my birthday. I got nothing, not even a greeting. My food was hard, I suppose overcooked. All of it, fries, meat, bread. I've had tea that was a lot better too. For the prices, the food should be great, not McDonald's-style fries. I wanted to be able to brag on how good it was, but I cannot. Shame. The exterior lights we're off too... the sign at the road and on the building ... both off. It would be odd for them both to be burned out completely. It wasn't closing time, and I was surprised at how few customers there were. I only saw one other patron. Is the place full of employees who don't want to work?
Want to go home? Cut the lights. Geez. If I was the owner, I would send in incognito people to check it out or go out of business.

Ruby Tuesday - bug in drink/undercooked food-thomasville, nc

My family and I visited a Ruby Tuesday on 4/17/2016 in Thomasville, NC after church and received the worst service ever! The waiter was very friendly, but spent most of her time talking and huddling with her co-works. After receiving our drinks, I noticed it was a BUG in my daughters tea. I requested the manager to come over to our table to ensure I notified someone in charge. The manger was the worst!!! She came over and asked “what is the issue it’s almost time for her to go”. I informed her that my daughter has a BUG in her tea. She stated that she would provide our entire table with new drinks considering we all ordered tea. After finally getting settled and my daughter freaking out because she almost drunk a bug, our food finally came. Once the food came we had another issue-it was cold! Not only was it cold my husband’s chicken was undercook and my shrimp was extremely burnt. I notified the manager again! She had the staff remake our food and charged us for the entire meal including the drinks!!! I asked if we would be accommodated considering all the issues we had and she said NO because her staff fixed the issue. This was very poor service! I'm a long-term customer of Ruby Tuesday, but not after this incident.

This was horrible service and I would like for my money to be refunded.

Ruby Tuesday - unethical behavior and poor service

Today, Sunday 4/17 around 2:30, my daughter and I ate lunch at the Ruby Tuesday, 7209, in Biddeford in Maine. The number on my receipt is, chk 4845.

Upon arriving I told the waitress I had a dairy allergy. She gave me the allergy menu and said we take allergies seriously. I told her it was great to have the menu broke down this way for people with allergies. I ordered the baby half back barbecue ribs with broccoli and zucchini, all of which was on the milk menu.

When the meal arrived the waitress, Chrissy (1047), said the broccoli was cooked in a garlic butter sauce and she didn't know if I was allergic to milk or all dairy. I said I couldn't eat that if it had butter that I am like I said allergic to all dairy. Then she said, "No I said it doesn't have butter." This did not make sense to me so I didn't eat the broccoli just to be safe. I double checked to see what my daughter heard and she heard that it did have butter then she heard her switch the story to no. I did eat some of the zucchini. My mouth and lips began to feel weird.

We left the restaurant and my symptoms began to get worse. I was an hour and half away from home but called back to the restaurant while I was driving. I asked to speak with the manager, who was gruff and rude until her understood the above story. It was during this conversation that I asked if the zucchini was cooked the same way and he said yes. Apparently, if it is on the menu it still needs to be communicated to the cook and cooked differently. The manager said that they cook with margarine. I informed him that margarine contains milk. He said he was glad that my reaction was not bad and he would talk to the waitress.

My reaction became worse over time and took nearly 5 ½ hours to go away. But the issue is that the waitress lied and changed her story about how the broccoli was cooked even though she clearly knew about my dairy food allergy. The manager never offered to credit my meal. Had an anaphylaxis reaction happened due to this negligent behavior I could have died but did lose an evening's worth of work.

Our service as a whole was very slow, taking an hour and half because she never returned to the table regularly and never brought water we asked for. Our server complained about her job and what she is asked to do, to us and those sitting near us.

I am horrified about our visit. I want some restitution.

I can be reached at [protected]

Ruby Tuesday - management/ waitress

First the waitress forgot to give us untensils, she also forgot to take back the menus. The food was taking a while and I noticed others getting theirs who came after we did. She eventually came over...

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Ruby Tuesday - service and food.

I was there with a family of 9 on [protected].
I ordered cheese fries and coffee. the first cup of coffee was very luke warm. took waitress forever to come back to see who needed refills, my neice wanted a refil of chocolate milk, and waitress said there is no refills on milk, have to charge full price for second cup.i had to wait 15 minutes for second cup of coffee which was bitter, and awfull. the chees fries loked like it was covered in burnt vomit, worse food I ever had. and the prices they charge on the menu, makes you wonder how they stay in business.

food was awfull, service was lousy.and prices are sky high, .my advice is save your money and go somewhere else.

Ruby Tuesday - service was great. manager was rude

We were eating last week at the Ruby Tuesday's in Hot Springs, our server was very nice she did everything she could to make us happy. My husband sent his double decker chicken back because it was still raw in the middle. The server wasn't around so the hostess took care of it. We never seen the manager, until we were done with our meal. Our server did a great job, but something must have happen because my husband went to our server to let her know we were ready to pay. Seemed like 20mins later another server came over and said she would be taking care of us for Now on. As we were leaving we noticed our server standing at the bar, I'm guessing the lady in the regular clothes was the manager, she was very rude towards the server and was yelling and calling our original server dumb. Very uncalled for our server was excellent but I feel like the manager was out of line. We will be back because we did have great service even though our food wasnt cooked.

Ruby Tuesday - food/service/time it took!

My Husband & myself went to the Ruby Tuesday in Elli jay, GA restaurant. We were seated & got our drinks. We were not even offered the cheddar biscuits (though we heard from another waiter that they...

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Ruby Tuesday - chef restaurant waitress and waiter

Hi live in MD and the ruby the day location I'm talking about is in Columbia MD snowden river parkway I know this place used to be good couple years ago and I think this place got to go cause first...

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Ruby Tuesday - cardboard in salad

We went to the Ruby Tuesday in Bessemer Alabama on 3/23/16 and my husband made a salad and was eating it and found a piece of a card board box in his salad. We quietly went to the manger to tell him...

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Ruby Tuesday - service and food

My boyfriend and I ate at Ruby Tuesday's on 3/20/16 (Sunday) in Hinesville, GA and the waitress was not prompt at all. My food was burnt and when I told her she was not apologetic, she got her...

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Ruby Tuesday - service

My girlfriend and I try to get together at least once a month. She loves Ruby Tuesdays and I had never been there. I called Kevin, the manager at the Danville, Virginia location without response. Arrived and I had to wait for my friend. Hostess was talking, I thought to me but she had her phone and head phones on, a very private conversation. So I did not want to distrub her and hear things I didn't want to, so I went back outside. My friend came, we sat, there was one other table, business lunch and they had finished their lunch. One other in the entire restaurant. Waited an hour without seeing waitress. Wanted a drink refill, couldn't find anyone so went to get myself. All three girls were leaned against the back wall in the bar on phones and talking. Than we had to watch a rather large girl and her pink panties the rest of our vist. Not just a little view...half her panties. We thought, no must be a shirt untucked, no shirt besides her work one..called to talk to manager the girl said they were understaffed and she was doing several jobs. Um, did she not think I was there. Phones, only one table...

Ruby Tuesday - cajun ribeye steak & spaghetti squash

My husband and I ate there on friday march 18th, he had the exact same thing on sunday but it was completely not what was expected on second trip of the weekend. We ate there again march 20, my husbands cajun steak was more gristle than good steak, my daughters steak was over cooked and my spaghetti squash was so uncooked it was inedible. I would think a refund would be nice since so many different issues on this trip.
Thank you for addressing my concerns we frequent ruby tuesday's quite often.
Jeff parker
209 martin road
Dawsonville, ga. 30534

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Table 33/1
Server: 1651 madiso k

Pretty bad experience

Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday Contacts & Informations
Posted: 2016-03-21 by Parker12345
Cajun Ribeye Steak & Spaghetti Squash
Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes
Contact information:
209 Martin Road
Dawsonville, Georgia
United States
My husband and I ate there on Friday March 18th, he had the exact same thing on Sunday but it was completely not what was expected on second trip of the weekend. We ate there again March 20, my husbands Cajun Steak was more gristle than good steak, my daughters steak was over cooked and my Spaghetti Squash was so uncooked it was inedible. I would think a refund would be nice since so many different issues on this trip.
Thank you for addressing my concerns we frequent Ruby Tuesday's quite often.
Jeff Parker
209 Martin Road
Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Trans Key III001749985097
Auth Code: 02029R
Check: 7694
Table 33/1
Server: 1651 Madiso K

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