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I don't go to Ruby Tuesday that often, I only go when I receive a coupon in the mail. So it was date with my husband on 11/19/16 Saturday approx 9:30pm. It took about 7 minutes to have Dylan the waiter come to her table and get our drink orders. We had the coupons sitting on the table for $8 off, but one get one off 50% off & $5 off sitting on our table. We ordered (1) $12.99 a entree, 2 sides, dessert and my husband ordered the sampler for dinner. Not one time did Dylan mention that we would NOT be able to use the coupon with the $12.99 meal that I ordered. Check out time we hand Dylan the $8 off coupon and payment. He immediately says you can't use any coupons for what you ordered. I asked him where does it say that on the menu? His answer, I don't know I just know you can't use the coupon. He takes the payment, he is gone for about 3-5 minutes and Kathleen comes to the table, she doesn't introduce herself she just says you can't use the coupon with the $12.99 meal that you ordered. I said to her, who are you l, she proceeds to say in a not so nice tone, I'm the manager. So, I said why are you here. She says cause I want to let you know that you can't use the coupon. I said to her, Dylan already told us this & why are you here. She says, I just wanted you to know. Then she walks away, at that point she or Dylan did not process the payment.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Riverview, FLShe is gone for about another few minutes. Kathleen comes back to the table, and brings the receipt back to the table with her writing on the top of the receipt . She wrote the price of the 12.99 meal, and what it would have been if not in the $12.99 special. She proceeds to say, see you already saved $8.00'witht the
Special. If you would have added it all together you would have realized the deal you already were offered. I told her that I was done talking about it, I was done talking about when the payment was given to her about 10-15 minutes ago at this point. The way she talked to me and husband was very condescending, like we didn't know how to add. She kept talking about something that we decided was over long time ago. When me and my husband submitted payment we were done with the coupon issue. But, obviously Kathleen was not done. She kept beating a dead horse. We also were planning on attending a certain movie at a specific time, but with Kathleen continuing to push the issues we had to change the movie time. Very unprofessional, her customer service skills were awful. I am an account manager in customer service at my place of employment and I thrive on meeting and exceeding ALL customers expectations. Kathleen and Dylan did not that evening ... I also told Kathleen that I will not be back & she didn't try to make the matter better, she said ok and walked away.
Horrible experience...

Nov 21, 2016

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