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If there is ever a class action suit, I'll be the first one in line. I have detailed notes of every e-mail, telephone call, letter, and fax with this company. They just charged me $195 in October due to the poor economy, but the maintenance fee due in January is over $500! Of course they can guarantee that hotel prices never go up - they make up the money in maintenance fees! If you don't pay the maintenance fees, you can't use the resorts. So that means I purchased 20, 000 points per year for 30 years in Nassau, and that's $16, 000 out the window if I don't pay the maintenance fees. I've wanted out of this deal from the beginning.

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  • Ro
      Dec 23, 2008

    Count on me too; in the mean time file a complaint against them with the consumer protection agency; federal trade commission at 1-877-FTC-Help

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  • Su
      Mar 08, 2009

    I agree, such scam artist. I have own for only 3 years, and I have had to pay extra for every year that I have owned. Once for losses in Mexico due to weather. The second time was for failing economic (an adddtional $195 +annual $500). I also lost points because I cancelled the hotel in a timely fashion. RH had not sent my reservation to Hotel. Hotel had no record that I was coming, I cancelled before they had reconciled their paper work, however, I was charged with points although the entire possess took place within a two-week span. I am paid up for life. Big mistake. If there is a lawsuit, I am waiting in line. Surreat

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  • Su
      Mar 08, 2009

    I Agree

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  • Ju
      May 30, 2009

    We paid $16, 000 and didn't get a penny back. On top of that, they refused to let us cancel. This took place about 3 years ago. Now they are coming back and trying to get past dues even after taking our initital $16, 000. We've only ever taken one trip, in the beginning, and found out that it costs more to go with them than booking a trip ourselves not using the vacation club. They always had fees to add plus we never could go to the destination or in the timeframe we wanted. It was ridiculous. My main complaint now it that they are actually calling me at work, threatening and harrassing me. They are sending ugly collection notices as well. I just want them to leave me alone. I'd love to have our $16, 000 back but all I wanted was just to get it cancelled and I wasn't about to pay any more dues.

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  • Be
      Jan 23, 2010

    I wish we could start a class action law suit. When i bought my 30, 000 Gold membership six years ago for $20, 000 and some change in Nassau -- I was told I was buying someone's membership and could sell mine at any time. Well, guess what -- they don't sell them for you, they don't buy them back, and every word above about this being a SCAM operation is 100% true. I have had my membership listed with three 'timeshare sales companies'. The latest is REMAX -- and guess what, I believe they are SCAM operations, as well. Not one of them has every called me with an offer. You pay them good money to list the membership and then never hear from them again. And good luck getting to talk to the person who originally worked with you to list the property.

    So I am still paying my annual dues which this year went up to $725 -- which I think is ridiculous, since that means over the course of the 30 year term, you are spending as much on annual dues as you did to buy the membership originally -- SCAM, yes, my friends, that is exactly what is going on.

    I believe Royal Holiday should allow you to cancel your membership and pro-rate your money to give it back to you -- or buy it back from you. What a nice set-up for someone.

    Count me in if someone actually gets a class action suit arranged -- I will be happy to oblige. I too have tons of e-mails with these people -- and would love to see them pay for their shady operation.

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  • Hi
      Jan 28, 2010

    Wow! I just came back from Cancun 3 weeks ago where my wife and I went to a Royal Holiday Club presentation. They were tying to sell us the 30, 000 or 60, 000 points but we stuck to our guns and walked away not buying anything. The reason why we didn't purchase was because we are not the type to buy something right there and I wanted to do some research when we got home. I have found many websites selling the membership for very cheap, like $50 for 20, 000 points. We were considering purchasing but after reading so many negative comments, I think I should stay away.


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