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Royal Holiday / Travel Experience, C.V. / Misleading and false presentation, empty promises, poor service!

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During our vacation in Cozumel, Mexico, on 11/23/07, my wife and I agreed to view a presentation for a Royal Holiday vacation plan. A sales person gave us a tour through the resort which is pretty amazing in Cozumel, and offered to buy a timeshare from Royal Holiday. We liked what the company offered, but we had no plants to buy anything. Then another salesman (unfortunately, we don’t remember his name) took place and assured us that if we buy the timeshare in Royal Holiday, we will have opportunity to travel around the world spending very minimum using various discounts Royal Holiday offers. He showed us a catalog full of information about hotels and resorts in Europe, Asia and Americas – all belonging to Royal Holiday. He offered us to trade in the timeshares we own, pay difference of about $27,000 and have 30,000 vacation points annually for 30 years. We still were very reluctant to buy.

Finally, “Developer Representative” Victor Maldonado, presented us very lucrative offer: to pay $2,950 plus closing cost to a total of $3,945 and to have contract for seven years. According to him, we would have 30,000 vacation points per year for the next 7 years, plus many more goodies (discount for cruises, two-for-one airfares, bonus-certificates, easy booking, no cancellation fees, etc). There will be no annual maintenance fees, just some co-payment at the time of booking. He said that this program was specially designed to give people “taste” of the proposed plan and encourage them to buy a long-term contract. The best part was that Royal Holiday owns many properties in the countries we wanted to visit, so timeshare will make those visits very affordable. Also comparison of the value we have using our timeshare with that we would receive from Royal Holiday showed significant advantages of Royal Holiday. Everything sounded so tempting that we decided to buy this plan. After signing contract, we were given a kit (box with several brochures, coupons and certificates) and a promise that we can receive the remaining certificates during next years or as we need them. When we asked for the catalog they showed us, we were told that they don’t have it, but we can either order it for $40 or use Royal Holiday website that has all necessary information.

Problems began when we came home and tried to get this information from website – it took us almost two weeks to get our password. But even then we could see a lot of “offers” but were unable to either check availability or make reservation – for any destination and any time we got the same answer: NO RESULTS WERE FOUND. Please try a new search with a different date range or try another destination”.

Brochure from the kit listed just 14 destinations in Central and South America, but nothing in the places we really wanted to go to. And the worst part we discovered when began talking to various Customer Service representatives: we will not receive any additional annual certificates – the only one for 30,000 vacation points is that we have in the kit; we can’t make any reservations now – we have to wait until next year; there is no guarantee that we will be able to go to those nice places we were told – they will try to make booking for us. Even to get this information required a lot of time and patience – phone lines are either busy, or we got transferred to the voice mail, or just got disconnected.

Also, while browsing Internet, we discovered that just one name “Royal Holiday” brings to the screen many sites literally stuffed with extremely negative comments about this company. We understood that we became victims of untruthful liars.
Bottom line:
1. Sales presentation was misleading; promises are not supported by contract and following communication with Royal Holiday customer service
2. Instead of discussed timeshare we got just a highly paid booking agent with a very narrow choice of properties
3. Customer service is very poor.

Just recently we found information that it is illegal in Mexico to charge in foreign currency – our contract was in USD.
We sent a letter to Royal Holiday and PROFECO where we disputed the charges from Royal Holiday and requested cancellation of our contract. We also are going to contact as many organizations, web sites and groups as possible with the message – DO NOT TRUST ROYAL HOLIDAY, THEY ARE LIARS AND CROOKS.

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  • Je
      8th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Similar experience with Royal Holiday. I also was lead to believe that the company, Royal Holiday was a good business. However, I have also found out that they're unprofesssional and unethical. They agreed to cancel my service, signed a letter and gave me verbal agreement - after shaking my hand and smiling - yet they still have not followed through on their word (although it has been over two months and dozen of calls, emails, letters, etc.). If anyone can offer any solution, let me know.

  • Ro
      24th of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I am going through the similar experience. At 64 and 68 we were not interested and did not go into any detail on the first package - 30 years. As we were leaving a second salesperson stopped us and stated that he thought he might have a better option for us - a 7 year $4, 100 package - we listened and looked through the Royal Holdiay resort/hotel book. We saw nothing we would be interested in, got up to leave when he came back with another book for us to look at - a RCI Resorts book - he stated that with this 7 year package we would be entitled to swap Royal points with RCI points - no problem. We looked at the RCI book and liked the resorts that were offered and also my son is a RCI member and we would be able to travel with them. With the word of this salespersonand a handshake we signed the contract.

    Guess what - he lied - it was a scam - it is fraud. What he told us was what he needed to say and do to get us to sign. I have been fighting them through a dispute with my credit card company - as a fraud - as sales and services not provided as stated. Royal has offered me $0.00 refund to let me out of the contract - which of course totally unacceptable.

    I am glad I have found others that have had fraudulent tactics used against them - perhaps in numbers we can fight them. Were do we go from here? Any suggestions - my e-mail is: please re: Royal so I do not delete - everything first goes to my junk mail. Maybe a class action suit if we can get others who have been scammed as we have - there must be hundreds if not thousands who are experiencing the same issue

  • Ll
      3rd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    We have just spent our vacation at the Cancun Caribbean hotel in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico and after refusing to be attend "a presentation" for the first four days of our vacation, we finally fell in the hands of a charming girl at the hotel's foyer who with almost tears in her eyes asked us please to attend " a presentation by ROYAL HOLIDAY" with no strings attached. In exchange for our kindness, she would be able to get her needed commission and we will be rewarded with a free 45 minutes massage at the hotel's spa. Happens that my wife and i were in a good mood with a few drinks cheering up our hearts and we felt like unnecessary to be uncourteous with Mexicans who in general had been really good to us, so far.
    By reading the prior complains everybody knows now the tricky mechanism the ROYAL HOLIDAY of ROYAL EXPERIENCE S.A. DE C.V. salespeople use to hook you into their offer... and we found opurselves signing a contract for 7 years just to have "a taste"! but after reviewing their starling material in our room lots of questions were generated and we found several contradiction between what was offered to us and what their literature was saying... obviously, the business was a real farce!
    So we read the contract again and found clause number 8 stating the right to reverse the whole business within 5 days of its signature. So I went to Sr. Cayetano Moctezuma Gomez -Sales Director Oasis- ( and asked for the business to be canceled as stated by my right in clause 8 of the contract. He kindly took my letter of request for the contract cancellation and said to me "Esta bien, cancelado!" -ok canceled- but gave me no document to proof such cancellation, never answered the emails i send to his address in his presentation cards notifying our withdrawal from the ROYAL HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE and all this cunning man did was to verbally assure me that my credit card will not be charged and if charged it will be reimburse withing 15 days, AND WE BELIEVED HIM. Well, it was all lies!
    Now, I have instructed my bank to stop any payments to this company and requested the reimbursement of my money by the bank denouncing ROYAL HOLIDAYS for unauthorized payment on my credit card...
    After reading the complains against this company there is no way we are going to waste time negotiating with such a bunch of crooks!
    My regret is to have wasted a precious sunny morning with these bunch charming vampires that chase you and everybody just entering the hotel in order to spend a relaxing time in the hands of the nice waiters and waitresses who serve you so willingly and well in the rest of activities offered by the hotel...

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