Royal Holiday / royal holiday timeshare fraud

Hi! Me and my wife returned from our honeymoon trip to Mexico. We also signed up for Royal Holiday. Believing this would grant us exclusive and luxurious trips to great places, having great hotels and services to a very low cost. Like many others we also feel like we've been scammed by Royal Holiday. When we got home. I've been able to do some research about them and checking out their trips etc and I can see that the prices, all-inclusive promises, pickup services, VIP packages and airport lounges are all nothing but lies. We had a contract for 30 years with an annual fee of $ 495 US Dollars and we've made a down payment of $ 1, 125 US Dollars and a closing cost of $ 910 US Dollars (a total of $ 2, 035 US Dollars paid so far). The total price for the membership would be $ 7, 500 US Dollars with monthly payments of $ 119.24 US dollars ending after 60 months of payment.
We did not cancel in 5 days. Rather as soon as we got home and read the documents we began the difficult process to cancel. we tried to cancel the membership through the resort but it was impossible. In our membership disclosure it says that there is no buyers remorse and in an addendum it says that there is no termination of the membership. We almost lose hope when we find d a company on the internet called Mexican Timeshare Solutions and after an introductory call, they reviewed our contract and they told us that based on their experience, we had a good chance to get out of the contract.

After six months they cancelled our contract. I honestly highly recommend their services and do not pay anything until the contract is canceled.

Nov 30, 2016

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