Royal Caribbean / rcl caused bank account to be locked


I asked my travel agent to split the final cost of my upcoming cruise between two bank cards. The majority of the cost would be on my U.S bank debit card the rest on my German bank card. However the charge on the U.S. bank card had to be split into two charges as there is a daily limit on that card. My travel agent then contacted RCL Germany and told them how the final payment was to be accomplished. However RCL Germany attempted to charge the entire amount on my U.S. bank card in one transaction. The total cost exceeded the amount in that account and my account was locked. They then attempted to reduce the amount, but it was too late the account was locked. The U.S. bank contacted me and told me that there was an apparent fraud attempt on my account. They said my account was locked until new cards and pins could be sent to me in Germany from the U.S. This will take several weeks and most likely will occur after I have already sailed. I had planned on leaving enough money in that account after the partial payment to use on my cruise. Now the money in that account is useless to me on my cruise. I was able to scramble and arraign other payment so the cruise did get paid for on time. When I contacted RCL Germany and asked them to compensate me for the trouble I got a pleasant answer but they do not accept that they had done anything wrong. I love cruising on Royal Caribbean, the crews on these ships from Captain on down have been great. However the adminstrative agents for Royal Caribbean have no sense of responsibility to the customer. This is the second incident related to this cruise as back in October 2012 I logged onto AB Ports agency web page for Southampton England to book parking. After filling out their form it stated that I was entitled to free parking per Royal Caribbean's direction. In January of this year the AB ports parking agency told me that Royal Caribbean had denied my free parking. When I contacted Royal Caribbean and asked why they stated that the computer program identifying who is eligible was not set up correctly and it was suppose to be only offered to U.K. residents. Again no help or effort from Royal Caribbean in realizing the negative affect of their actions.

Apr 09, 2013

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