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Redding, CA, United States Review updated:

I have been dinning at Roundtable Pizza for over the past 25 years, during that long time things are sure to happen no one is perfect, but I have to say due to the last 2 year of my patronage, I am no longer going to throw away my money at what has become a garbage product and company! I believed I was a loyal Roundtable customer, I can honestly say I ate there 1 once a week with friends, in fact one friend we have a dinner date thing we do every Sunday for the last few years and Roundtable was the preferred meeting spot. So I have witness to the last 2 years of total meltdown of His and my confidence in this eating establishment. To many complaints I have that I can write a book, and where I live Redding California there are 6 or more Roundtable stores close to me, so this isn’t a gripe about 1 location, all in some ways have contributed to me boycotting Roundtable completely! And when I finally got upset enough to call corporate office to try and get a resolve, I was told NO!, you cant have it, and leave store now or ill call the cops Store #0622 I believe, On lake Blvd for the simple act of asking of a coupon or pizza deal, and was told NO FREE FOOD? Somehow the employee kept saying free food and I asked for Meal Deal?, I wanted a coupon, “Why do you keep saying free food?, no one asked for free food?”, I Said to who I believe was the Asst Manager? One track mind I guess? And the 4 or 5 customers behind me in line was Dumfounded as I was. Anyway I gave up, went to finish meal. Other Customers sitting near asked what was deal? I passed it off as a misunderstanding. As everyone enjoying pizza and drink, a table cleaner came buy to pickup dishes and such, I stopped and asked him if he could please bring me back the phone or address of corporate, he said no problem, 3 min later in front of all, the same Free Food employee storms over to the table, tells me NOI!, she will not give me the info to corp and If to leave now or she will call police! To add insult to injury she had 2 guys standing buy outside tell me its just there job but I must leave the whole Mall, I guess I wasn’t allowed to walk 50 feet away and visit the Furniture store or any other in that shopping area? I went to another store and got the phone number, called the Regional Manger, left Voice Mail 3 times, 4 days later call back. Got cold shoulder from him, didn’t even get a “Sorry you was upset with our store” He said he look into it and talk to all the employees like this was a police report and all witnesses had to be question be for I got a “Sorry for not getting a Coupon” this Is one of a few of the Bizarre things that happened over the past 2 years, The Why/Reason I am never going to visit a Roundtable Again is this last Saturday me and my Dinner Pal like always went for Pizza (Different RT location). Round Table has (HAD) a Pizza Club, Buy 8 pizza get A one (1) topping free. This Card I have with 7 stamps on it ready for the last stamp and a free Cheap 1 topping pizza, I was told Round Table was no longer could get a stamp, was given all kinds on false excuses like, we have not given out stamps in years, to some story that a package of these cards was stolen (cards were free for asking, take one), and there not giving out new stamps because of it?. In last 2 years I have filled in completed 7 or 8 of these cards (pizza 4 times a month it not hard too). After this last insult to intelligents and the tens of Thousands of Dollars I spent over the years at Roundtable, and the pizza quality has gone down, to the point of it tasting like cardboard, I Remember back in the day a Large King Arthur was so thick, and had so much toppings there was no way to eat a slice with hands, you had to use a fork, and it was a orgy in your mouth, the one I had Saturday 07/11/2009 was nasty! Weak on toppings and crust was paper thin for a PAN style. Just for fun a week or 2 back I went and got one of those Take and Bake Kind, Bought A Combo large, and a Hawaiian style Large. Sorry round table but these Take and Bake pizza was 100% better than your King Arthur Supreme pizza. Because of the way I was treated and ignored, and the Quality of your product as of late and the bad economy witch forces me to be more selective, and not just do as I was so used to doing just out of habit, Roundtable isn’t the only Circus in town. My friend/s and I will be doing our pizza party and dollars somewhere else.

Your EX Customer
Adam Ray

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  • Bo
      Mar 22, 2014

    rezor at round table on Vaness eddy has bad English and will get your order wrong he shouldn't be answering the phone.

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  • Sz
      Sep 30, 2014

    All of the ROUND TABLE PIZZA Stores in Reno, NV are absolutely filthy.
    The sitting areas, restrooms, kitchen and hallways!!
    I walked out and didn't order my pizza. If its that filthy in the store, what is the food like??

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  • Wl
      Dec 31, 2014

    Rtp in yreka ca. Sucks balls, 2hr.wait for a pie? Really oh wait and the all time worst excuse I've ever been told" come back later, It'll be better"just go out of business already

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