Roto Rooter - Chicago / Caused $15k in damage and refused liability

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Our condo association called out Roto Rooter to snake out a clogged kitchen pipe. They came and did the job, however, we discovered weeks later that the equipment that they used had created two large holes in one of the kitchen pipes. Water had been flowing freely through the holes and into the walls and insulation for four weeks. We had a second party plumber come out to fix the damage and his professional opinion was that Roto Rooter had caused the damage and estimated the damage at around $15, 000. We submitted a claim to Roto Rooter for the damage and they responded with a boilerplate letter concluding that they were not liable. They provided no reasoning for their claim of nonliability, unsurprisingly, since there was no other rational explanation for the damage. In addition, their charges for the work done were between about 2-10 times more than second party plumbers. For example, the Roto Rooter's work to snake the pipe was $360 and we had another estimate for $160. Roto Rooter also estimated $1600 to find and repair the source of the leak and the second party plumber estimated $175. All in all, it has been a nightmare dealing with Roto Rooter and in my opinion their denial of the claim is fraudulent and in completely bad faith. Avoid Roto Rooter at all costs.

Roto Rooter - Chicago
Roto Rooter - Chicago
Roto Rooter - Chicago
Roto Rooter - Chicago

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  • Sm
      Oct 18, 2012

    I looked at the pics and as a licensed plumber i can tell you thats no 15, 000 damage. Pvc as it gets older becomes brittle, you have to remember not all plumbers can see through walls, the machine they use is adequate. i had the same problem on clay pipe in the crawl space i supposed thats my fault too. Customers need to stop being ignorant. If you think im coming over for 160.00 that person is either a handy man or a poor estimater, either case the way i see all those elbows turning left and right no wonder you had a clog. dont forget just because the plumber charged you what 360.00 dont forget he has to put gas in his vehicle insurance stock items so he can be ready to have what you need its called good service remember pvc is cheap but profesional isnt remember were touching your fecal matter on our hands with all the diseases around. Good luck in getting some othetr plumber to come too your house after reading your post i wouldnt even ring your door bell waste of stupidity.

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  • Cu
      Jan 29, 2015

    Yes, what he said.

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