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1 Jingang Road, ShangHai, China Review updated:

I placed order on the webiste and didn’t get any news about my order. I waited couple of days and still nothing. After that I searched for the contact info, but I found them only on Facebook. I sent emails and asked about the order, but on the next day I couldn’t reach them, because this comapny blocked me. They are liars and scammers, so be careful and better avoid them. As well as post comments about your experience with them.

Dec 2, 2014
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  • Hi
      21st of Jan, 2015

    This web site should not exist on E Bay but it does because E Bay is making a fortune off this seller.They know its a scam site and do not stand behind the buyer as well as pay pal.They are all in this scam together.I was told by Pay Pal that I have to file a police report before they would consider refunding my money.ARE THEY NUTS.I followed all they rules to get a refund, this is after not receiving 8 out of 12 items and the ones I did get were nothing like the web site and even had holes in them.ITS A SCAM BY E BAY I THINK E BAY AND PAY PAL SHOULD HAVE A CLASS ACTION SUITE AGANST THEM FOR ALLOWING ITS CUSTOMERS TO BE SCAMED.THEY KNOW ITS A SCAM SITE AND WILL NOT REMOVE IT>I SPENT OVER [email protected] HOURS ON THE PHONE WITH BOTH E BAY AND PAY PAL FIGHTING TO GET THEM TO RETURN MY MONEY AND INVESTIGATE THE SITE>THIS SAME SITE WAS ON THE TODAY SHOW LAST WEEK WITH THE SAME PURCHASE RESULTS.MAYBE THIS WILL HELP GET THE PROPER AUTHORITIES INVOLVED>

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  • Sh
      20th of Mar, 2015

    I've just experienced this I order an outfit weeks ago and I've heard nothing can't find no contact info I've e mail and no response what can we do.

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  • Fa
      25th of Mar, 2015

    Ive placed an order on the 5th of march and havent recieved my items as f yet you cant contact them ive been emailing them they have responded but still no items this is rediculious and i want to know what i can do about this

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  • De
      31st of Mar, 2015

    I had the same experience. When I tried to chat with them, they would not respond. So I created a fake email and fake name and someone responded to me. I asked them when was my package going to arrive? They told me 3 weeks, but I paid for expedited shipping. They refused to refund me the extra money that I paid to them. I ordered these items for vacation, however, they will not be here in time for it. I told them that they were a scam. They went cold turkey and had nothing else to say. Still no package and response to my email either.

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  • To
      5th of Oct, 2015

    I ordered 2 dresses with my debit card and have yet to get my clothes I tried to call and track my things and cant get a hold of any body.I will NEVER EVER order anything from them again..

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  • Kn
      2nd of Feb, 2016

    I made purchase via PayPal didn't like items returned them at the cheapest rate allowed with tracking via US postal Svc, 107.95. PayPal will only refund 30.00 and essentially want me to drop it and get lost. In short this whole experience cost me 77.95. If the consumer knew ahead of time we'd be saddled with the cost of returning items This would put a significant dent in online purchases. I personally cannot afford to lose 77.95 for no apparent reason. I'm glad I'm not alone as this is a great pool from which class action suits can be pursued. Let's talk to our friends lawyers and whomever to see if they're willing to take this on, I certainly will.

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  • Si
      12th of Mar, 2016

    I ordered 100.oo worth of items a month ago. I was told that the delay was due to the a Chinese holiday, and I would receive my items soon. I continue to get it will be shipped 2-3 or 3-5 days. I still do not have my items. I am not happy and I am ready to file lawsuit against this company.. If any one else has a lawsuit please let me know, we can join in together to suit them for millions of dollars.

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  • Sa
      21st of Mar, 2016

    Please do not order from this company, the website is fake, l ordered things from them and they never posted them . I had ordered the goods and paid in full with expedited shipping. l contacted numerous times for over two months and they gave me silly excuses all the time, up until l decided to open a dispute with PayPal . Order at your own risk, as they can sometimes refuse with the refund.. So disappointed and please pass it on to your friends and relatives

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  • Ro
      29th of Mar, 2016

    My friend used my PayPal to pay for an order, but failed to provide the correct shipping address (on [protected]@PayPal). So shipping was held up. Rotita sent us email asking to confirm a new shipping address. Each of us provided at least 5 tickets informing them of the change of address, but they kept sending the same email. We even tried to call their customer service numerous times and no answer. Some 3 weeks later, I elevated to a complain at PayPal, then Rotita responded that they were awaiting a item prior to shipping. Wait! First it was an incorrect address, now it's a missing item. Then 1 week later, they provided a tracking number, but in 3 days now, it hasn't left China... Umm, what's up with that... Believe, this company has the worst business attitude I've ever dealt with and WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN! I may as well write this off as a lost because the items will probably not come.. I don't think it take 3-days to leave China. If I had known the location of this company, I never would have initiated the order.

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  • Ce
      9th of May, 2016

    I am going to be starting a lawsuit against in Canada. Please contact me if you would like to be included. They ripped me off of over $300.00.

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  • De
      23rd of Mar, 2017

    @Cech Yes!!! Include me!!!

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  • Th
      8th of Apr, 2018

    @Cech Please include me. Took my money via PayPal and that’s the last I ever heard. Cheryl Krystek.
    Call or text Thanks.

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  • De
      23rd of Mar, 2017

    I agree. Rotita has proven to be a fraudulent company doing business here in the United States and Canada. Unfortunately they have the backing of other online companies such as PayPal and eBay. This company misrepresents the quality of their clothing, their customer service or complete lack there of, and their responsibility to deliver clothes that have been paid for.

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  • Ca
      25th of May, 2017

    I ordered two dresses over a month ago. They are saying they didn't mail them because they weren't paid for. I have a receipt from PayPal that they paid it. I don't know what to do.

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