Rotita / shipping/customer service

I ordered two dresses from and immediately got confirmation of my order. That was good... but, since then, it's been a flurry of confusion regarding purchase and shipping.
I got one email saying that my payment didn't go through. Then, without any action on my part, I got confirmation that the order shipped (this was 7-days after I placed the order.) Three days after the alleged shipping, however, I'm unable to "track" the package. Using the tracking link, provided by, I plug in the shipping code and it says the package is "not found."
Based on the confusion over payment, I'm willing to bet the dresses will arrive... at some point... but I doubt they'll arrive in time for my event.
The dresses are relatively inexpensive, and the company's based in China, so I should have known this wasn't reliable. Lesson learned. I won't be shopping through Rotita again, no matter how many coupons and discounts are offered.

Mar 10, 2016

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