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Shanghai, CN
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Am in the UK and last week I eventually received a small poorly packed packet containing a dress from Rotita. The item appears to have been posted from Germany.
The dress inside was definitely not the one I had ordered from their photos. It was really shoddy and very creased. I hung it up to take photos and then put it back in the bag, I had no interest in trying it on.
There was not any paperwork in the bag.
I then started a round of emails asking for my money back and an address to return the dress.
I received a mail saying it would be expensive to return as it had to go to China ( no mention of this on their website) by internet tracked post and I would only receive a 60% refund.
I wrote again saying this was not acceptable (their website says "full refunds") and I told them I was going to hand the complaint over to PayPal.
Rotita then suggested I keep the dress and sell it for a lot of money (I would not even offer it to a jumble sale) and accept an £8 credit towards my next purchase. I declined this too.
I asked PayPal to get my full money back. After a bit of toing and froing PayPal said I would get the full refund as soon as I had proof of internet tracked posting. They said they would also refund the posting up to £15.
I tried to post the package today at my local Post Office but they said they do not offer Internet tracking on parcels to China as the postal system there is not reliable.
I called PayPal back with this news and they agreed to refund my purchase price without the need for me to return this dress. I have now binned the dress.
Although I have not lost out, only in time and phone calls, I am concerned that a great many people are STILL being conned by this company. I have posted about Rotita on the TrustPilot website along with many, many others. I am now blocked from posting on their FaceBook site and cannot log into my account.
I am very anxious that this company be stopped from trading. I have pushed PayPal to investigate them. I know that they still use pop up advertising on FaceBook even though FB are aware that they are a scam company.

Mar 31, 2017

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