Ross Dress for Less / employees

Lake Mary, FL, United States

I went to the Ross in Lake Mary and there is not one customer at the register and the employee asked me to walk through this line which is like walking through 50 feet of line instead of just moving the rope so I can go under the rope and then I see the manager so I ask him and he agreed and said yes I have to walk through the line in order to get waited on. He did say I could ring you up over here but I said it doesn't matter to you that somebody doesn't want to buy something because there's not one customer here and you're making them walk through the maze and he said sorry. If there is not one customer at the register it's ridiculous to make a customer walk through the series of lines in order to pay for one item that I was getting. And no one was sympathetic to this they were all arguing with me.

Ross Dress for Less

Oct 02, 2018

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