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I work at Ross and it has become bazaar and macabre. I think they are going to kill all the older women who are the only ones left working hard and showing up. The reward for that is nothing but pressure to leave by horrid impersonal scheduling, forced by under staffing to work three jobs at once and then cleaning the whole store at close. The longer you have been there the more they try to get rid of you, costing them more an hour from a worker's tiny yearly raises and they can get paid by the State to replace you with ex-cons, special ed and special needs associates who frankly cause everyone extra work. I work the Fitting room and on a busy Sunday with our extended hours open until 9:30, short staffed with no one working the floor, I am constantly processing boxes of underwear for the backed up stockroom, straightening the toy area, pet area, bra & panty area, glassware, even as far as juniors tops with non-stop people fuxing in and out of the fitting rooms, never missing hanging the 1 - 8 items on the bar to 'count' them. l then was left to pick the whole place up with just an assistant manager and two prima donna head cashiers who specialize in non-essential busy work while the floor worker[s] break our balls in double time trying to make the place perfect after cleaning & working hard all day long.
I hurt so much, all the time, I can no longer sleep and am in a constant state of exhaustion. I wake up all night long with leg pains and knots forming in my calves. They took our cushioning floor mat away last year, because it looked messy, so there seems no getting used to the constant hardness of the floor.
Almost everyone is part-time and that means at times locking us into no more than 12 hours a week scheduled, to then be available 12 hours a day/night, 7 days a week for call-ins. You never know your next weeks schedule until usually Thursday, so there is never a chance to ever make appointments or ever go away or frankly to do anything. Days off are purely recovery days, you just lie in shock. The specialty treatment for some is astounding, building our schedules as disoriented leftovers after friends are catered to. The amount of accidents is also astounding and come from unsafe conditions and being over worked. We have 4 out of 5 managers severely hurt, long term.
Ross is a prime example of corporate greed and unashamed to follow the Walmart example of how to abuse their work force, giving no benefits or bonus, no usable healthcare, no regular days or schedules, open abuse by customers treating their workers like criminals while we see people steal all day while they do nothing; a lawless land catering to cashing out all the funds accumulated by illegal immigrants who destroy the store daily with total disregard. Not to mention the abandoned masses of undomesticated children swarming the store daily and nightly. I fear for America's future.

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      30th of Apr, 2012

    I work for RDL in So Calif. Same here. They are systematically getting rid of tenured and higher paid employees. Then when you go to unemployment hearings (they always deny claims) they have all the nit pikey evidence with no real merit and the EDD agrees, with them!. Yes they missed a highlight and 1 initial. The EDD is the 1% lapdog. The 99% is lost. Any Class Action Lawsuits out there post the on the WEB. Ross Dress for Less NEEDS A UNION! If there is any UNIONs out there, HELP!

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      31st of May, 2012

    I worked at the store in Glenwood Springs Co and its no different here. I had to quit because of family obligations and moved to Missouri. They know I moved but refuse to mail my paycheck. I asked the Assistant Manager to please mail it and she told me no, that I could come in and get it if I want it. I contacted the Department of Labor and surprise surprise they told me it was perfectly legal for them to keep my paycheck.

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      30th of Jan, 2013

    i work at a ross in casper wy the store mananager shouldnt even be a store manager at best a stock lead there pay sucks so true is work fitting room they think u should do stockrooms job of hanging bras ect and all kinds of other ### at ross in casper with store manager and other stuff

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      20th of Aug, 2013

    I just want to comment and say that I was on board with this complaint until the mention of special needs employees or special ed students being hired was brought up. To be honest, I lost all respect towards the person filing. I have worked retail, never for Ross, but for many companies and I understand how hard it is, physically exhausting and I have had to quit jobs due to physical issues and I'm only 29. It is horrible to work with bad employers and under stressful and unnecessary circumstances; however, saying that they are bad employers in part by replacing their employees with special needs workers is discriminatory and made me stop reading a few sentences from the end. I get the pain, etc. but don't say that special needs' workers make things harder. Do you know how hard it is to live THEIR lives? Do you know how hard they work? My brother has been working at a grocery store chain for 8 years and he's one of the hardest workers there. He's been promoted multiple times and he has cerebral palsy. He fights discrimination from customers DAILY. Yet, he lives by himself because he wants to be a typical adult and take care of himself. Don't say that he's a different case, he's got limited communication, is deaf in one ear, among other barriers. And as for ex-cons, where are they supposed to go? It's not like they're getting job offers on Wall Street. They are generally trying to improve their lives. My best friend went to prison because she got too many DUI's. She's sober now and just wants to have a normal life but she's getting locked out of all the jobs other than graveyard crappy jobs.

    Had you not added a layer of emotion to this post, I would have definitely empathized but you failed to get my support due to your insensitivity. What could have been a statement that brought support and attention to the workers at Ross, became a whiny complaint that actually worsened your cause. I am only taking the time to write this because I wanted you to realize that writing something emotional does not bring anything helpful towards the cause. I saw protests at my local Ross about immigrants. I searched online and saw this and only one other article that was a legal file about a CA store. This being my first exposure to the issue, there was a great opportunity for another person to join in and write letters, etc. I am all about being an advocate. But now, I don't even want to keep looking at arguments against Ross, because I'm pissed off about your whining.

    If anyone brings up an issue like this, be sure to take consideration of your potential reader.

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