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I was looking for a room mate and decided to try this service.I signed up for a 3-day subscription because you can't read any e-mail response unless you subscript at least 3-days which is a trial offer.I started getting responses right away. I answered all the e-mails, sent out group e-mails, called several times.It didn't do any good because no one called me back. This is a scam of the worst kind .I think some consumer fraud organization should close this
sight down and force them to return our money.They are cheating the people.

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  • Nd
      Mar 06, 2010

    The problem is that it will not stop there; they will continue withdrawing money from your credit card unless you declare your card lost or stolen as I did. Roomster says that in order to stop the payment you need to cancel the subscription from your roomster account but there is no tab on your personal account to do so. There is a section where you can disable your account but they will still take money from your account every month. So I suggest you to cancel your credit card so they will issue a new card number for you and roomster will not have authorization to withdraw money from your account anymore. I know it is a nuisance to do so but it is the only way to stop them. I really wish someone will take legal action against them soon or later. In the mean time one way to revenge is to open a new FREE account with roomster and to use their GIVE A SHOUT to the other member warning everyone about the danger of giving roomster their credit card number. I have done so and I have warned about 10.000 around the world about this scam, but finally romster banned me from accessing their web site. So I decided to find a way around it and I downloaded a software to hide my IP address (you can do the same by following this link ). Now I can access again to continue my warning campaign. I hope that many people will follow my suit so roomster will have no choice but to actually go and get a real job to make a living as many of us do instead of stealing from honest people

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