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On June 1st, I made an online purchase in the amount of $599.00. This amount was charged to my Rooms To Go Credit Account. An additional $41.93 sales tax fee was charged to my Visa Credit Card account. The transaction was processed successfully. I received an email confirmation with an order number for the item that I purchased: One Effingham Wine Color Chair Lift Recliner for my mother who is disabled. The Billing and Shipping Address was entered correctly; however, my delivery was dropped off at the wrong location. The owner of that residence called to inform us that they would store the item in their garage. That same day, I spoke to a guy from a trucking delivery company that had called my house several days before and explained to him that my delivery was dropped off at the wrong address. I gave him my order number and he said that there was no record of any purchases made by me. I forwarded an email to him with my proof of confirmation and he said that he would contact their sales department and give me a call back later. The same guy who I spoke to guaranteed that my undelivered merchandise would be picked up from that location and dropped off at my house early morning on the following day. This was last week. It has been more than 5 days and we still haven't received anything. The waiting period is ridiculous! The customer service is horrible! I have contacted Rooms to Go Sales Department and made it very clear that if we don't receive this merchandise by today the latest, I will go ahead an cancel my delivery. In all fairness, I think that Rooms to Go and or manufacturer of Wilson Trucking Delivery Company should give me a credit in the amount of $599.00 for this merchandise. Customers always come first and I am a very dissatisfied customer. I'm giving this delivery company till today to deliver my merchandise. If by today, this item is not delivered to my home, I will go ahead an cancel this order. My patience is running out. My order # is 19409451i. Thank you for your attention in this matter. Sincerely. MR

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  • Va
      26th of Jun, 2008
    Rooms To Go - Poor quality
    Rooms to Go
    United States

    I purchased a dining room set, and a living room set from Rooms to Go on April 2nd, 2008. I purchased in Covington, LA. The first time the delivery people came they only had the table and chairs. No sofa set.

    Five out of the eight chairs were damaged and the pedestal to the table was chipped. They called me to verify receipt of the merchandise, in which I told them of the damage. They then sent out a technician to check it out. At least he agreed it had to be exchanged. So we set up another date to have it delivered. This time they came out at 7:30 pm and it was pouring rain. (1&1/2 hours late from the time promised) They could not bring the items in because they were not wrapped. Another waste of my time. So another delivery date was set. This time they only brought the sofa set. The Sofa & the ottoman were damaged. So back that went. Then they have the nerve to call me and tell me they are coming out but they don't have my chairs or pedestal on the truck, just the sofa & ottoman. I stopped them right there and told them no delivery until all items were delivered at one time. So, finally, another wasted day waiting for rooms to go and don't you know the sofa is damaged. Forget about rooms to go unless you have a lot of time & money to piss away. The quality is definitely not there for what you pay.

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  • No
      11th of Jun, 2015

    I' M a dissatisfied & unhappy customer. My Rooms To Go delivery was dropped off at my house earlier. However, the delivery man didn't assemble the parts for us. I' M very pissed off! So far, my experience with Rooms to Go Customer Support has been horrible! Not only did they deliver my merchandise to the wrong address as I previously stated, but they didn't deliver it in a timely manner. This is a Rooms to Go online purchase; therefore, they should have been the ones to deliver this to my home rather than another trucking company who claims that they don't often deliver anything from Rooms to Go. Perhaps, they need to hire more competent people in their sales department and more direction-oriented drivers. It's a huge mistake from their part to deliver merchandise from one city to another total different city especially when I did state the billing and shipping address correctly. I have the confirmation email order as proof. So now my father who is a 24/7 full time caregiver to my mother is sitting down reading the manual as he tries to decipher how to put the chair together.

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  • Va
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    Rooms To Go - Terrible company
    Rooms To Go
    United States

    Purchased a childs bedroom suit and it arrived in poor condition and with missing pieces. Have been calling for more than one year for them to make this deal right. They have not held up on their end and would not allow me to return. Bottom line, I have crappy furniture from rooms to go. Never again will I shop with them - You can't trust them! They will not return your call, emails or faxes. They lied about the product. Finally sent someone out to look at the product and he agreed it needed to be repaired and said someone would be back to fix it within the week. Still waiting since Thanksgiving last year. Don't trust this company! Shop elsewhere!!

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