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Reviews and Complaints

Rooms to Gothey won't credit my $250.00 for non-delivery

I've moved into a new apartment and it was smaller than I expected, so I had too much furniture for the apartment. However, my delivery date for the furniture was on 07/23/2019 so on 07/19/2019 I went into the establish and cancel the furniture as well as the delivery. Management stated, I couldn't get my $250.00 delivery fee back, which is insane I cancel the delivery ahead of time, so I deserve my credit. I would like my refund back ASAP. My name is La'Marcus Collins I financed the furniture through your company, I was able to keep some of the furniture which I paid a 3rd party to deliver, but the reminding furniture would not fit into the apartment, so I need my money back. Here's phone# [protected] and my email [protected]

Rooms to Gohorrible customer service and delivery

After waiting over two months on a backordered sofa, it delivered to me with only 3 legs. The delivery company and RoomsToGo could seem to care less. On 4/7/2015, I placed order 5515916 with the store location with a delivery date of 6/9/2015. The Reina Gray Leather Sofa (item [protected]) was on backorder and I was told this was the first available delivery date. On 5/29/2015 at 9:05AM and 6/6/2015 at 7:35AM, I received a text message from 74121 confirming my delivery appointment on 6/9/2015 between 1-5. On 5/29/2015 at 9:44AM and 6/6/2015 at 9:58AM, I received a phone call from [protected] in which I spoke with a live RoomsToGo representative who confirmed the same delivery date and time. On 6/6/2015, after taking a vacation day from work due to the 4-hour delivery window, I contacted customer service at the aforementioned number at 6:38PM and 6:52PM and was informed that the 4-hour window was only an approximate delivery time and no guarantee. This seem preposterous considering that I was contacted on 4 occasions by RoomsToGo confirming delivery date and time and none of the communication stated that the timeframe was only an estimate. Furthermore, the delivery company did not even bother to contact me to explain that there would be delays, The customer service representative and their managers only response was that the information was printed on the sales agreement. The communication, or lack thereof, from RoomsToGo after the completion of the sales, in my opinion, superseded any "fine print" on a document from two months ago. Nonetheless, the sofa was delivered at 7:30PM, 2 hours and 30 minutes outside of the 4-hour delivery window. In addition to the late delivery, after getting the sofa inside my unit, the delivery company informed me that the sofa was missing both a leg and the supporting beam. I tried to contact customer service and it had closed for the night. The delivery guy contacted his dispatcher and the representative gave me two options: 1) have the sofa returned and reordered for a new one or 2) leave the sofa and she would make sure the order was notated with the issue and I could contact customer service on the following day to arrange for the missing parts to be rushed to me. I questioned the representative if she could tell me whether or not the sofa was still on back order. She explained that she was not able to and I would need to contact customer service for inventory information. Considering that I had waited 2 months on the sofa to be delivered, I did not want to refuse delivery and then be placed on another long waiting list for the item to become available again. The couch was left sitting on 3 legs in the middle of my living room. On 6/10/2015, I contacted customer service and requested a manager. The representative tried to de-escalate the call and ensured me that she would overnight the replacement parts to me and call me back to confirm that this was done. Unsurprisingly, she never called back. However, I gave her the benefit of doubt and waited on the package to arrive. After waiting all day for the delivery on 6/11/2015 at 8:09PM and nothing arriving, I contacted customer service and it was closed. I was able to reach a representative in the Internet Sales Support Department who informed me that he could see the notations regarding the order but he could not locate a tracking number or any information regarding the missing parts. On 6/12/2015 at 5:24PM after nothing arriving all day, I contacted customer service. Again, I requested to speak with a manager and the representative attempted to de-escalate the call only to return to the call and inform me that the missing parts were not expedited but instead were mailed via the US Postal System and it would take 7 to 10 business days to arrive. She transferred me to a manager and he informed me that the rush delivery is only a request and not a guarantee. As a marketing professional, I know the value of word of mouth. Based on my experience with RoomsToGo, I would not recommend the company to anyone.