Rooms to Gothieves/liars/poor customer service

In August of 2013, I purchased a living room set (power recline sofa, power recline chair, cocktail table, end table, console table and lamp) from the Rooms to Go store in Frisco, Texas. My total on that purchase was $3560.65 and included a “free television” or gift card from Best Buy. Let me give you a brief rundown of the timeline.

8/11/13 Furniture Purchased

8/13/13 Furniture Delivered the first time (Tables scratched, couch scratched)

8/24/13 Replacement Furniture Delivered

6/14 1st Call to Set Up Technician because of Rip in Couch

7/14 Technician’s First Visit to Repair Couch

8/15/14 2nd Call to Set up Technician because of Same Rip in Couch

9/13/14 2nd Visit from Technician

9/18/14 Call from Customer Service saying Couch is Unrepairable and we have 30 days to go to Store for Replacement

9/20/14 Visit to Store (Pick out replacement couch, wait for phone call, told can’t do it)

9/22/14 Call to Customer Service re Issues from Store and Replacement Couch

9/23/14 Visit to Store (Over-charge)

On August 8, 2011, my family and I went into the Rooms to Go store in Frisco, Texas. We were met immediately at the door by sales representative, Reginald Johnson. We let him know that we were looking for a leather couch and chair. He showed us a few sets but we fell in love with the Cindy Crawford duel power sofa and recliner. Mr. Johnson told us that Rooms to Go was currently running a special and that if we purchased the entire room package, we received a television or gift card in the amount of the television to Best Buy. We applied for credit, received $3000 and paid the difference of $560.65 which can be seen on Exhibit A. When received the receipt (Exhibit A), I asked why the television was included on the invoice along with the 54” console that we were not purchasing. Mr. Johnson explained that the television is only added to the invoice so that Rooms to Go is able to track which customers were given televisions/gift cards. He also told me the 54” console price was taken off because I had decided on purchasing the console that matched my other tables. Then he turns around and charges me another $220.15 for the console (See pages four and five of Exhibit A) and nowhere does he remove the cost of the 54”console. Because of the trust that I had in Mr. Johnson and Rooms to Go, I left the store believing I had received a good deal – furniture I liked, decent prices and a free gift card to Best Buy.

As you can see, I have had this furniture for about 13 months. Of that 13 months, there has been a problem with it for about 4 months. However, the Rooms to Go technician has come to my home, tried to repair the furniture and then reported it unrepairable. On September 18, 2014, a customer service representative called and let me know that we could go to the store and pick out new furniture. At 10 am, on September 20, 2014, I walked through the door of the Rooms to Go store in Frisco, Texas. Once again, Reginald Johnson immediately approached us. His first words to me were, “I remember you…You are an attorney. Do you handle divorces?” He then launched into a 15 minute monologue of how he is going through a divorce, his wife is trying to take his retirement and his business. I can tell you exact details of his current case if need be to prove that he divulged this information before he even said hello or spoke to us about the furniture.

When I was finally able to stop Mr. Johnson and tell him why I was there, he told us to look around and let him know when we found something. After perusing the entire store we decided on the Cindy Crawford Home Auburn Hills Brown Leather Power Reclining Sofa ($1299.99) and Chair ($699.99). I explained to Mr. Johnson that I realized that the price of this furniture was less than the price of my original furniture (My original couch was $1399.99 and the chair was $849.99) and that I would just apply the excess money to another piece of furniture. He told me that he would have to discuss this with his manager and told me that he would call me when everything was final and he could give me the numbers. I waited around all day so that I could go sign the paperwork and pick out the new piece. Mr. Johnson never called. I finally (at 4:10 pm) text him and asked him what he found out. When I finally spoke with Mr. Johnson he told me that we were “not allowed” replace our damaged furniture with this furniture because the new furniture was too cheap. He asked me to call and talk to one of the managers, Emmett or John. We spoke with Emmett who reiterated what Mr. Johnson had told us. He told us to look on the Rooms to Go website to see if there is something we like.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Frisco, TX

The next day (Sunday, September 21, 2014) I called back to the store and once again asked to speak to the manager. Emmett came to the phone and I asked him again to clarify. He once again told me that I could only pick two pieces of upholstered furniture to replace my damaged furniture. He said the pieces must be the same price or more. He told me to call customer service the next day if there was still a problem. I spent the day Sunday on the website only to find out that Rooms to Go carries one leather sofa and chair that equal the same price as mine (See Exhibit B). As you can see, the chair is not even a power recline. Plus the buttons used to recline the furniture are on the outside and are visible.

On Monday morning (September 22, 2014), we called customer service. We were told we could pick other furniture and apply the difference to other merchandise. On Tuesday (September 23, 2014), we went back to the store to order the replacement furniture and to pick out another piece. We did this and gave Mr. Johnson our order. We picked out the Auburn Hills power sofa and chair (See Exhibit C) and a sleeper sofa (See Exhibit D). Mr. Johnson put in the order (after us waiting for 20 minutes while he took a personal call regarding his divorce) and told me we owed an extra $234.88 (See Exhibit E). I asked if that included everything (delivery, protection, tax) and he said yes. We signed and started to leave when I noticed that he had not given us the sleeper sofa. We started over and I ended up paying him an additional $270.61 (See Exhibit F).

I left, went home and started looking at all this paperwork. I realized that no matter how I did the math the numbers were not adding up. I text Mr. Johnson and I spoke with Mr. Johnson. He told me the store’s office assistant, Parker, handled all the numbers and that I should talk to him. I asked him to have Parker send me a breakdown of every purchase and every penny that I have spent in their store since August of 2013. I asked him to have it to me by 11 am on Wednesday, September 24, 2014. They did not comply. When I finally heard from Mr. Johnson, I asked for it again and asked that I have it by 2 pm. Once again, he did not comply. At 3:10 pm on Tuesday, September 24, 2014, Mr. Johnson sent me a text stating that Parker wanted a manager to explain the numbers. I asked them to fax over the information since, according to Mr. Johnson, they do not have access to email. I received the fax at 4:53 pm (See Exhibit G).

First, as you can see, the invoice shows that I did, in fact, pay for the television/gift card from Best Buy (See page three of Exhibit G). This is a blatant display of false advertising. It also breeches a verbal contract between me, the consumer, and Rooms to Go and Mr. Reginald Johnson. The agreement was that I would purchase the room package and in return, I would be given a “free television or gift card from Best Buy for the amount of the television.

Second, a 54” console was included on the invoice yet I never received that piece of furniture. In addition, I paid full price for another console that I did receive.

Third, the prices on the new furniture that I purchased to replace my original purchase were also arbitrarily lowered with no rhyme or reason (See page five of Exhibit G).

Fourth, if I would have paid full price for all the pieces in my original order (minus the television/gift card that was supposed to be free), I would have paid $3415.32 (See Exhibit H). That is $145.33 less than I paid and that is not even counting the discounts that were supposed to be applied to each piece due to me buying an entire set. Mr. Johnson said the pieces were discounted because we purchased an entire room set. With the discounted amounts, I would have paid $3092.62 which is $468 less than what I paid (See Exhibit I).

The behaviors and activities during this transaction were unprofessional, unethical and most important illegal. A company cannot advertise and allow their employees to represent to a customer that there is a free gift with a purchase and then make the customer pay for the “gift”. I hope that this discrepancy can be handled quickly and amicably between us. I hope that this instance is isolated and not habitual. I know this is not the type of reputation that Rooms to Go wants associated with its name.

Please let me know what you are willing to do to remedy this mistake.

This was the first email I sent RTG over a month ago (I attached the exhibits to the emails but this forum would not let me attach them). I have emailed weekly. I have called. I have tried everything I know to try. As of today, I have not received any response. I also have not received my new furniture (they are SUPPOSED to deliver it today). I went and talked to my attorney and am ready to proceed against them and I am also disputing these charges with my credit card company if RTG will not make this right.

Oct 29, 2014

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