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I ordered an ignition coil for a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser on November 20th 2017, and i also paid $15.99 for the 2 business day express. It is now November 26th and i still dont have my [censor]ing ignition coil! This was my first time ordering from this company and i am not pleased and also pissed the [censor] off at this point. I missed going to my family Thanksgiving dinner because my part was suppose to be here the day prior to Thanksgiving! I would greatly appreciate to get my $15.99 back since i basically paid for delayed shipping! I did not order the part on my own account because i had my mechanic order it from his since i did not have an account of my own. His name is Billy Merrill. He tracked the package yesterday morning and it comfirmed delivery for that day...but IT STILL IS NOT HERE! My confirmation order number is [protected]. The address it is suppose to get delivered to is 3787 Burr Street Gary, Indiana 46408! If the part is not here by tomorrow, i dont even want it i would like a full refund! If it does come tomorrow, i want a refund for my payment of $15.99 for the supposed 2 Business Day Express in which was a complete bogus [censor] lie, probably just to steal money from people that really dont have!! Really at this point i dont even want the [censor]ing part from your unorganized thieving company!!! I would rather just get my money back and just go buy it at [censor]ing AUTO ZONE! I was Leary from the beginning b4 i even payed for it, but i was curious as to how fast you can ship your items out, in which you are basically charging the same Damn price as any auto part store bc u have an extremely over priced shipping charges if u want the part to come faster than a [censor]ing month! This website is a joke! I will NEVER order from your company EVER AGAIN!!! I am completely unhappy with your companies customer service! And then you have a contact number, BUT YOU CANT EVEN COMPLAIN TO AN ACTUAL HUMAN BEING!!! This is outrageous and i am shocked that a supposed professional company like this, is really this unorganized and disrespectful to actually take money from someone who specifically paid for their item to be shipped early and then not get the item until 6 days or more have gone by! How do u expect new customers to continue to buy your products if you cant even get their first order right? Pathetic!!! Never again...never again will u get my money! And i expect that extra shipping charge that i paid for to be refunded and back on my card !! Never in my life have i had to deal with a company that can't even get a new customers FIRST order right! Just down right RIDICULOUS!!!

Nov 26, 2017

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