I order a part from them Returned it never received a Refund Donot order from Rock Auto youwill never get a answer from them or your money back I will be Reporting them to the better Buisnees they are not a good Company Beware I have tried to reach out to them still no answer You can not reach them by phone so you have to write a letter hoping someone will read and reach out to you I am very upset They must think peoples money grows on trees For one thing If your Company is making so much money from us Why not have Customer Service and Stop getting over onFolks Lesson Learn

  • Updated by Veronica L C, Dec 07, 2018

    My complaint is is you donot send back the tracking number they will telyou that they never received the part and they have no way of showing that the part came back that is [censored] that is how these fake ass companies take your hard own money by saying we donot have customer service That is BULL [censored] I am so dam mad Please go to Auto Zone Pepboys any where not Rock Auto that company should be sent to the Better Buisness Because of therer Reputaion Eveyone Please post on your Site I will be posting it Every where even the newspaper It is Christmas and I hope they loose so much

Dec 07, 2018

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