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Rock Auto is the worst company I have ever deal with!! I contacted Rock Auto customer service many times and asked for a refund but they literally said they will not refund me. I argued with them so many times and was already sick and tired of everything. These people are extremely unfriendly and they don't care about their customers! I deleted my account and finally got rid of Rock Auto. But unfortunately I never got my money back!

Nov 29, 2016
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  • Ka
      Feb 24, 2017

    I'm a former RockAuto employee and I assure you that your problem and their unwillingness to assist you is standard operating procedure. The RockAuto catalog is chock full of errors so you stand a good chance of receiving the wrong part, even if you order correctly, according to their catalog. The customer service staff is young (20's) and often working their first job out of college. They have no automotive knowledge and, if presented two parts, side by side, couldn't tell a ball joint from a tie rod but all of them are earning more than $100, 000 annually. Because they are so well compensated, they figure they must be smarter than the customer and this attitude comes through in all customer interactions. They think they're smarter than you. Incidentally, RockAuto owns no warehouses. They don't own a single part. They rely on independent warehouses to fill their orders; RockAuto is just a middleman. RockAuto management understands that they treat customers poorly but, with the number of folks ordering online, they simply don't have to care about the individual. By making it nearly impossible to refund or exchange an item, they got your money and...there will always be another customer in the queue...

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