Rochester Furnitureside table that is still not delivered

S Nov 28, 2017

good day
I bought side table in July along with other furniture. I have never seen such horrible service from a shop as I did with Rochester. I bought these items from Rochester wonder park and a man called Charles was the one who assisted me. Our delivery venues were mixed up and we only received the last couch 2 months later after calling so many times and going to the shop so many times. A side table is still outstanding and it was bought for more than R2000. the one that was delivered to our house was old and had so many scratches on it. They came to collect it after a very long time. then its been 2 months since then, no table to show for the money that we paid. I have been going to the shop so many times since the table was collected. I even spoke to the manager ones and it just seems no one is willing to assist me, they don't even want to refund us the money that we paid for it including the delivery fee paid

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