RIU Palace Macaocustomer service

I left expensive glasses at reception during check out on June 25th. I immediately contacted the front desk and made arrangements for them to be secured and shipped back to the US via UPS. I've made payment, sent the shipping label, the international paperwork and have been waiting for shipment. I've spoken to Rosemary(Maria) and Julio and still UPS has not picked up the glasses (although I had UPS on the line and scheduled the pick up - I was informed by UPS that the glasses were not available when they came for pick up). I've made numerous international calls at my expense to be placed on hold indefintely, disconnected and finally told by Rosemary that I did not send the paperwork when she in fact was on the phone with me and UPS confirming pick up on 7/8 with all documentation in hand. She then told me she has had enough and hung up on me. This is unacceptable - it will be a month since my trip and I should not be treated in this manner. I would have considered returning until the experience of customer service of these individuals. Please help me get these prescription glassses.


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