RIU Hotels & Resorts / safety deposit box

Cancun, Mexico

I stayed at the riu Cancun from the 31/05/2017- 14/06/2017 I reported to the manager that we had had 3000 mexican pesos go missing from the safe which his resp onse was it's impossible I told him the check my safe on which he did but when he did do it the safe was telling him it hasn't been opened since the 24/12/2016 even though we had used it most of the holiday he then told us we must have lost the money but we assured him we hadn't to which he pretty much accused us of lying but the group of people we sat with at the pool also reported money stolen and even one couple were given their money back but they were on their 4th visit to the hotel implying they were telling the truth but even trip advisor states money is constantly stolen in this hotel.

Jun 16, 2017

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