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RIU Coporation / raw sewage odor in hotel room

United States
Dear Sirs,

Attached you will see the string of emails I have sent the RIU Resorts. As you can see RIU is clearly not taking ownership for the horrific service my family received at their resort. Our entire stay was ruined and no one at the resort in Mexico nor through their online customer complaint venue has given us a satisfactory resolution. My original complaints feel upon deaf ears at the resort and then when I returned I had to email RIU on multiple occasions before I received a response. As you can see from my string of emails I have requested the name and contact information for the RIU CEO on three separate occasions and have not been provided with this information as of yet. The resort has offered my family a complimentary two day stay which I must redeem prior to Nov. 2009. Our original vacation was an 8 day 7 night stay and it was an awful experience. A two day complimentary stay does not begin to compensate us for the horrific experience nor the fact that we paid a lot of money for this vacation and did not get our monies worth.
Dear Sirs,

Please provide me with the information I am requesting. This is my third formal request for this information. I would like the name and contact information for the RIU CEO.

Dear Madam,

Thank you for providing me your supervisor's information but I would like the information for the RIU CEO.


Dear Sirs,

I appreciate your response but I emphatically differ with RIU's assessment of the situation. My family and I have traveled to Mexico and the Caribbean on many occasions and we have never experienced the horrific smell that emanated in our room. My sister and her family were staying in the room next to ours and it did not smell like our room. There was a huge difference between the way my sister's room smelled and the way our room smelled. The smell was DEFINITELY NOT A SLIGHT HUMID SMELL DUE TO HEAT (response received from RIU for the reason for the smell) and putting on the air conditioner did not dissipate the smell. The smell seemed to be that of raw sewage or rotten garbage as I noted in my original email. My family and I have stayed at many resorts in the Caribbean/Caribbean Islands ( Rivera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Acapulco, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas etc.) and we have never experienced a smell like this. I certainly can differentiate between the smell of humidity which is expected in the Caribbean and the horrific smell that we experienced. Your own cleaning women agreed that the smell was foul and attempted to help us by thoroughly cleaning the room and spraying air fresheners but it did not help.

I do not believe that RIU is taking ownership for this situation and two complimentary days is not sufficient to compensate us for a week filled of inconvenience. We paid a lot of money for this vacation and did not get our monies worth! Not only did the resort ignore our repeated requests to assist us but now I have received a generic response which does not address what we experienced. It is inexcusable that we had to tolerate this odor for an entire week. When I tell you that we had to keep the room frigid and the smell was still present does not even begin to explain the extent to which my family and I were inconvenienced. The smell literarily kept my sons up at night because it was unbearable. When we arrived home all of our clothes and luggage came home with that horrible smell. I had to send all of our clothes to the dry cleaners. I am extremely disappointed that none of the comments in my original email were addressed. I find it insulting for RIU to suggest that I don't know the difference between the slight smell of humidity and raw sewage.

If you are not able to address all of my concerns to my satisfaction I would like to be provided with the name and contact information from the RIU CEO.


Dear Sirs,

My family and I stayed at your Hotel Riu Palace Riviera Maya in Mexico this past summer. There was a total of eight of us. My sister and her family - a total of four and my husband, children and I another four. My family was assigned a room and my sister and her family were assigned a room right next to our room. Upon our entrance to our room we noticed an unpleasant smell in the room and thought perhaps the room needed to be cleaned so we phoned our concern to the front desk and was told that someone would come to the room to address our concern. No one came to our room. On day two of our stay the odor had gotten progressively worse. It smelled very foul and like sewage or rotten garbage. My sister and her family came into our room and commented on the foul offensive smell. I walked to the front desk and expressed my concern again. The front desk manager was not very receptive and seemed to have an attitude. He told me that he would have to check and see if there was another room available and that an upgrade would cost us an additional $100.00. I was appalled on the lack of customer service he provided us. First, no one ever came to the room on day one when we phoned the front desk, second we had unpacked all of our luggage and belongings and would have to re- pack everything to a new room and the front desk manager had the audacity to tell me that an upgrade would cost us $100 additional a day!!! We were being inconvenienced by this entire situation and there was no concern expressed by the hotel at all!!! I explained to the front desk manager that I wanted to know why the room smelled so bad. The front desk manager seemed bothered and told me " What would you like us to do for you? " I couldn't believe he was speaking to me in this way. I asked if he could send someone to the room to investigate the smell and see if the situation could be resolved. He told me that he would send someone but no one was ever sent to the room. My husband stayed in the room for a good portion of that day to see if someone would come and no one came despite the fact that he called the front desk again. My husband mentioned the situation to the woman who was cleaning the room on that day and she also agreed that the odor was offensive and offered to thoroughly clean the room and sprayed an air freshener. The odor never left the room our entire stay! My son could not sleep at night given the terrible odor and we were obligated to keep the room extremely cold because if we did not keep the room freezing good the odor became more strong. My son ended up getting a cold due to the fact that we had to keep the room so cold. It was very difficult to sleep because we where freezing cold in the room each night. On the day of our departure we expressed our concerns to a gentleman who stated he was the Hotel Customer Care Liaison. The gentleman listened to us but offered no feedback. My entire family ended up with an upper respiratory infections when we returned home and we all had to go to the doctor and received antibiotics. I surely hope that the smell was not due to mold or something else that can effect anyone's respiratory system. I must tell you that we spent a lot of money on this vacation and are very dissatisfied with the treatment we received. I strongly suggest that room 2001 is thoroughly inspected and that the vents are inspected as well because the smell seemed to emanate from there. I ask that we are compensated for this inconvenience since our vacation was totally ruined by the lack of customer service at your hotel.

I await your anticipated response.

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