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my daughter had surgery today 11/21/12 and i took the prescription for pain killers to my local pharmacy. they told me they couldn't fill it because they saw no dosage, i in turn called the hospital back and they told me it was written very small and told me where to look.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Garfield, NJ i sent my son to the pharmacy to show them and we were accused of tampering with the prescription and the meds not filled. my daughter has to suffer through the night without any type of pain meds . i am furious at the false accusation and also that she has to suffer in pain after surgery.. something must be done about this they never even tried to verify it telling me they cant.

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      Nov 20, 2012

    I am amazed that the pharmacy did not call the hospital! Prescriptions written for medications to control post-surgical pain are quite common and very important! Any professional unable to "find" the strength indicated for the medication or fail to be able to read ANY part of what is written should be calling the hospital or prescribing surgeon IMMEDIATELY for clarification, rather than sending a person away without filling the prescription under these circumstances! Post-surgical pain is very often among the most agonizing form of pain and it is not a time to be callous toward customers!

    Pain Management Specialists know and communicate to their patients that pain medications are most effective when the first dose is taken BEFORE pain becomes severe and afterwards on a "per need" basis which correlates with the "times per day" or intervals indicated by the Physician who wrote the prescription. Taking the initial dose while pain is mild to moderate typically lessens the amount of medication the patient will feel the need to take throughout the course of their recovery from surgery, as the pain will not build up to level which feel unbearable (causing the patient to take maximum dose as often as possible and often still feel sever pain). I am happy to know the prescription was finally filled, although Rite Aid did not behave in what I believe was at all a professional way. It is unfortunate the hospital did not have a pharmacy where this prescription could have been filled (maybe they had a pharmacy which closed early, which hospital pharmacies often do. These large chain pharmacies are too often cold and impersonal places where the Pharmacist behaves in ways that are uncaring and sometimes downright arrogant.

    I recommend to everyone who has encountered difficulties with the large chains that if they are able to find a smaller local Pharmacy limited to at most three stores within their local area, please telephone to see if the small local pharmacy accepts your insurance (or has some form of "club" discount)), carries medications commonly prescribed for you and then take or transfer your prescription to the small, local store(s). When you do a transfer from a store like Rite Aid to a local Pharmacy, be aware that it could take a week or more for the bureaucratic "dance" to be completed, so please do give transfers a good bit of advance time! I've had issues with a large chain Pharmacy in Arizona, so have transferred my medications to a small, local Pharmacy with just a few locations in the Northwest part of the state. Not only is service friendlier and more personal, but I have yet to encounter a problem with medications not being in stock, "computer error" (caused by incompetent technician checking the WRONG medication) forcing me to wait 30 to 40 additional minutes because despite my having carefully explained that THIS medication needed refill and, although similar to a second medication, the second medication would not require a refill for more than two weeks AND asked the Pharmacy tech to note this on the Prescription, itself to avoid confusion.

    EVERY time, I must have been speaking to myself! The big chain pharmacy would try to order the WRONG medication and the insurance would kick it back as being "too early." I, of course, would be forced to explain and to wait. All I would get in return was an "Oh! Sorry!" Nothing like this happens at the small Pharmacy. Furthermore, my insurance demands that if the medication is available in generic form, I must receive the generic. I have noticed again and again that large chain Pharmacies carry sub-par generics, while the small pharmacies stock much higher quality generic equivalent medications. The co-pay is identical, the service is MUCH faster and, better still, I do not feel my privacy is being violated by having people yelling my name and date of birth across from one end of the pharmacy to the other while a dozen other people are standing around listening. Rite Aid did some totally dishonest things to me while I was living and working in Northern California regarding holding back some percentage of a schedule II medication that had been prescribed for me (they did this regularly). It didn't seem like a big deal to me at the time, until I spike with my Doctor, who told me precisely what to say to the Pharmacy tech who told me "we can only give you sixty of the seventy pills prescribed, according to your insurance -- and you cannot pay "out of pocket" for the additional ten." He said: "Demand to pay for the additional ten and then ask what has happened to the additional ten you were told your were unable to purchase when you were within your legal rights to do so. Tell the Pharmacy tech your Doctor wants to speak with her and with the Pharmacist." I do not know how my Doctor handled this behind the scenes; what I do know is that a felony had been committed and I'd been entirely naive about the fact that these people at Rite Aid were doing anything illegal!

    This is not to say all the big chain drug stores are bad or dishonest or hire incompetent people or that all of the small, local drug stores are terrific. It's just been my experience that there are issues with "the big guys" that don't exist with "the little guys". Besides, I think it's best contributing what money I can to the local economy.

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