Rite Aidmanager and shift supervisor

I am complaining about a shift supervisor her name is Ann from store 10253.
The cashier asked her to grabe so smokers for me and she looked and told him no and walked away. Then she walkes in to my daughter doesn't say sorry.

I am also complain about the manager DEB from 10253. I was shopping with my kids and friend.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Providence, KY She goes up to my friend and asked if she needs help but its the way she said it. She thought she was stealing and she wasn't. then when we were checking out and paying for what we needed she call the cashier in her office to talk to him. The people that work her are not friendly. I have seen DEB yell at one of her cashiers infornt of her cashiers because someone stole and got away. she yelled at her and said why didn't you stom him but the cashier did ask the guy to come back.

Jan 15, 2018

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