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store 00155
96 Dolson Ave, Middletown, NY

1/7/17 - rec'd call (automated) that rx -Lyrica needed prior authorization.
Called pharmacy and they told me they reached out to the doctor already for the authorization.
1/9/17 - I called prescribing physician's (Dr. Chantasi) office and asked if they did the prior auth for the med. They put me on hold and returned to tell me they had no request in their system for any prior auth requests, but would work on it. (I believe my doctors staff, they've spent countless amount of time and effort getting me this medication and jumping through Affinity's/CVS Caremarks hurdles and bureaucratic nonsense around Lyrica as there are no generics available and its expensive)
**Starting on the 7th I began to titrate down my dosing as this is a constant problem w this med and Rite Aid - if its not a prior auth problem they don't have enough on hand, my insurance doesn't allow partial fills, and if its a Friday I'm screwed until Monday. **
**I get sick - some sort of stomach virus**
1/13/17 - I realize I still don't have my medication & have none left at this point and call Affinity/CVS Caremark pharmacy customer care to see why this hasn't been approved. The customer service rep I spoke with says the authorization approval was given on the 10th so my rx should have been filled then. 1/13 is a Friday. She puts me on hold and calls Rite Aid. She comes back on the line to tell me that the pharmacist she spoke to (Zinnie/Zinnea?) looked it up, saw the approval in the system on the 10th, has no idea why it wasn't filled, does not have enough to fill my prescription but will forward me 9 pills to get me through the weekend.
Her doing that- giving me a partial fill when its not allowed tells me she knows they screwed up.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Middletown, NY
-So now I'm leaving for Florida on 2/9/17 and I will run out of Lyrica. My complaints:
-they (some employee) lied about sending prior authorization request on 1/7/17. If they had just asked me to call my docs to get it I would of, but apparently that's something you're supposed to do.
-when they got the authorization to fill the med, they didn't. I don't know why but they choose not too which now screws me by moving up my refill date to when I wont be here and Affinity/CVS Caremark does not allow vacation (early) fills
- I called the pharmacy to speak to Zinnie/Zinnea(?) She doesn't understand how your phone systems work because she put me on hold while I was still speaking totally intentionally because the on hold music came on, went off and I heard - "Can you talk to this woman, I don't want to deal with her right now?" I then heard giggling and someone else got on the line was totally rude, quite short with me and just wanted off the phone. I want someone to be accountable. Admit you screwed up. Admit you have a stupid policy in effect for prior authorizations. This incident described above is NOT the first time this has happened. I've used this pharmacy for years and the service just gets worse and worse. I've overheard conversations other people have had with Zinnea/Zinnie(?) and when the customer calls the pharmacy out on a mistake or an error or a delay she turns things back onto the customer and actual said to a woman the other night -well maybe you wouldn't have these problems if you learned how to plan better... the woman was there straight out of picking her husband up upon discharge from the hospital and they didn't have half the stuff she needed-that the hospital said she had to have.

I don't know what I expect from this but I'm am so sick of doing business with store 00155 Rite Aid on 96 Dolson Ave, Middletown, NY 10941

Jan 30, 2017
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  •   Jan 30, 2017

    30 years ago, your doctor wrote a prescription which was A DOCTOR'S ORDER to be followed, NO QUESTIONS ASKED by the pharmacist. There are now 19 layers of PAID clerks between your doctors order, and the person who dispenses that drug over that counter to you. YOU PAY THE WAGES OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THOSE CLERKS! with every prescription, you or your insurance company pays for. Do you realize that? Think about it for a minute. There are now 46 people involved in EACH AND EVERY transaction that is carried out with regard to ANYTHING having to do with your healthcare. I said HEALTHcare - not pissant jobs for CLERKS (business degree or not). Tell Trump to eliminate all this costly beaurocracy! By law! First order of business, Donald.

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