Rite Aid / dirty conditions

While parking my car in the lot, I got out and stepped into a large pile of feces. It was partly covered by a cardboard box and some paper towels. My drivers side tire was covered in it and I tried to step out of my car, I foot also went into it. I went into the store and complained to a manager. She said it would be cleaned up. I picked up what I had to and left. I called the store when I got home and asked the manager for a corporate phone #. She said she didn't have it. I went online and found a site where I filed a complaint but to no avail. I also know that homeless people are always outside of the building sitting on the curb and not moving when you go past them. These people have been staying in the building after the pharmacy closes and in the morning the bathrooms need to be cleaned as there is feces smeared on the walls. Another manager called me to say that the matter was from a large dog. That is a total lie. Maybe an elephant. This was a coverup from a human.

  • Updated by Gwenmh, Nov 30, 2016

    This is unacceptable practices.

Nov 30, 2016

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