Rite Aid Corporationbad judement by manager and cashier at rite aid doylestown in acme shopping center

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i came directly from my doctor. I am almost 70 yrs old. Doctor chose to defer prescribing an anti-biotic but suggested we first try Coricidin HBP.

Was in a line with lots of people and the cashier asks me for birth date, month day and year. And I was not comfortable verbally answering the question. He was rude, unacceptably. And insisted I give him this information. I asked why. He said because young people (teenagers) can abuse this medicine... I obviously am a very old man. He calls the manager over. And the manager attempts to initimidate me ... I think this cashier needs to be fired... As to the manager, he needs some sensitivity training or a good lecture too... He's also an old man. He acted like a tough guy. Was unnecessary. I've been coming to this rite-aid for 30 years. I buy my prescription medicines there. Lucy the pharmacist is very nice.

My advice to you in addition to firing this cashier..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Doylestown, PA If you think this question is necessary to people my age, for whatever foolish reason, have us key it in on your checkout screen. And only allow the cashier to see the answer (yes/no) that you can sell it to them... Otherwise you need to take a more common-sense approach to this. I am seeking legal council with this... it was humiliating... Again, I came there because I have the flu. And needed medicine... And the people in line behind me said good to me for standing up to this cashier, and then the manager who should've known better...

Please I expect to see a different attitude the next time I should come into this store. Also please know I live in a senior citizen facility, my experience was posted on the bulletin board... Over 300 of us live here... You need to demonstrate that you deserve our patronage...

If you want to discuss this with that store's staff. My advice is to have the conversation with Lucy, the pharmacist. I think you will receive the most mature responses to your inquiry...

Sep 02, 2018
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  • Ri
      Sep 04, 2018

    Do you realize that when you call 1 800 Rite Aid that the phone call goes right back to the store that did you dirty?

    Its like the fox guarding the hen house..

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