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Rite Aid / pharmacy

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I went to the pharmacy to pick up a perscription that I had called in 2 days prior. When I got home with it, I noticed that it was my mothers. Now luckily I have a car to go back to the store, but after working 12 hours, you shouldn't have to do that. I called the pharmacy about why I was given the wrong one, the girl never apologized once and kept saying my prescription was never placed, so basically she is implying that I'm lying. Luckily they are only allergy pills, but what if they weren't and I really needed them, I wouldn't been out-of-luck. I own a restaurant and I know how customers should be treated, I only expect the same in return. What if my mother's RX went into someone else's hands, it could've been alot worse. I just hope someone does do something about Rote-Aid pharmacies, because they just lost about 6 customers, from my word-of-mouth, so now Walgreens is my new pharmacy.

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  • On
      25th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes This is David Stanley Monroe a parmacist with Rite-Aid. Email him your complaint as he has corporate's ear.

  • Ph
      16th of Aug, 2010
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    I had a situation with Rite Aid Pharmacy in Santa Clara, CA, were I was a customer of the pharmacy. I have been a customer at least a year with Rite Aid, and I thought they knew me. I am a type one diabetic insulin dependent and on an insulin pump. I lost a bottle of insulin, so I thought I have gotten the insulin at Rite Aid before which was about 4 months ago, so I thought I would get a bottle from Rite Aid. They told me that they needed to get a re-fill from the doctor and I said find, but could the give me the bottle anyway since this was an emergency. Due to me misplacing my pervious bottle. I was told by the pharmacist that she would not give me the bottle at all even if I was out of insulin. Then I was told by her why did I wait so long, I told her and yes I was extremely angry that I misplaced my bottle and I was sorry but it was an emergency. She was telling I needed to call the doctor’s office and have them call. I told her but you’re the pharmacist and you know my history. She still refused to help me. I am also on a dexcom meter which register my blood sugar 24/7, and my blood sugar at that point was over 250. I keep my sugars between 70 and 140. As a pharmacist she does know that damage can occur to my body with high blood sugars and she also knows that diabetics need insulin to live. Believe me I know that it’s my responsilibty to take care of myself and sometimes accidents happen that is out of one’s control. In the past I have worked with other pharmacy’s for example when I didn’t know that I was on my last bottle and they needed to call the doctor for a re-fill on my prescription. They pharmacist would call the doctors for the approval and sell me the bottle of insulin, and I would go on my way. I just can’t understand why Rite Aid could do the same. They know I am diabetic and insulin dependent, I am a pervious customer, I have had refills at the pharmacy before. So with that said why wouldn’t they sell me the bottle and let go on my way and use the insulin that I need to bring my sugar back to control. I am sure they would have gotten the approval, because I talked to my doctor’s office and they were going to call it in, but thank GOD my son found my insulin, and he dropped it off to me at work. I told the doctor’s office don’t call it in. I will never do business with Rite Aid ever again, I will not even shop there as a customer anymore. When I asked the store manager for help he said that he didn’t care about my situation and ignored my situation, then he said that he understood, I told him I don’t think so, unless you are in the persons shoes who has the medical condition. He was just as bad as the Pharmacist. I feel the public should be made aware of how Rite Aid treats Diabetics, as far as I am concerned she was playing with my life as a person and a diabetic, thank God I am not a heart patient, would I have to wait for nitroglycerin if I was having a heart attack? Again the point is I had re-fills at this store for at least a year, they know I am diabetic, they know I am on an insulin pump, so why would they not take care of someone who is in an emergency situation. I sure hope nothing happens in their life where they are held, and told no you can’t have it, when they already know that the doctor’s office will approve the re-fill. In a diabetics life insulin is the key to survival, it’s like when one breaths, you need it to stay alive. It goes the same for the insulin, without it I could die, my blood sugar will raise and I could go into a coma and die. So please, please let other Diabetic know about what Rite Aid does to their Diabetic Patients. Below is the address of the store where this happen.

  • Ki
      23rd of Sep, 2010
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    Phoenix, a pharmacist can't give you medication without a perscription under any circumstances! It's ILLEGAL. And really kinda stupid of you to ask. If you felt your life was in danger, you should have called an ambulance.

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