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I have a car loan with RHB branch at Sarawak kuching, I bought a Toyota Innova 2.0 latest series with down-payment of 50k and loan amount about 61k with Rhb on this year September. By the time summited loan application form I had together summited credit card application, by the time wait for this car loan approval, I had been informed that the car loan application form that i had been signed were wrong preparation by agent as I had been requested to summit again this car loan application form, OK, fine. I go down the rhb branch and resubmit the correct form, by he time document summited I ask agent this time the credit card application form no need to refill, their tell me will using the previous form. Up now car loan pay for 2 month after loan approved and car drive than had 2 time servicing at Toyota center but I still not yet received my credit card. What happened? I ask agent but got no reply, this is very upset and disappointed with this case, now my husband want to buy car, I had told him don't loan with Rhb as this bank won't issue credit card. Waste my time to go down bank two time to get my signature as this is the agent mistake, I need to apply half day leave, and end up I got nothing received when loan approve.

Dec 10, 2018

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