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Dear Sir/Madam

On 19/3/2017, I have received a credit card statement was charged me annual member fees inclusive GST of RM 137.80 from RHB. However, I didn't apply RHB credit card at this moment & I don't even received a credit card.

On 28/3/2017 at 7pm, I have made a call to RHB customer services 03-[protected] & one of the Customer service agent named ms. Jamilah was attended my call impolitely. She need my verification to do waiver of the annual fees & cancellation of the credit card but the problem is I didn't apply any credit card, why I need to do this? End up I did it as I would like to end this matter soonest possible. She informed me that no any payment need to be made as the waiver & cancellation will be done in shortly.

But I am worried about this kind of thing will happened on me again as this has been happened on my friend. So I would like to logde a complaint report to avoid this matter happen again in future. Otherwise, I will report to BNM & NCCC. According to NCCC, when a card is cancelled, what ever transactions attached to it should also come to an end. Contracts are between person and company and credit cards are just to facilitate payments and not a guarantee. It appears that banks nowadays work infavor of businesses while ignoring consumer rights.

And your customer services is worst as they seem like have the system to block your number to call in again as I wish to call back & lodge a complaint report. Second officer named Ms. Haliah was attended me but she claimed that she is not from credit card department or even i would like to lodge a report. So, she want me to call in again to the right department as she can't transfer the line to right department.

After that, I have spend about one hour to do the stupid calling as it's wasting my time because of your fault, RHB !!!

RHB, please bear in mind, especially credit card department, this is seriously consider as fraud if you simply issue credit card to your consumer while they are not requesting at the moment they need. Don't simply wrong use our data or information as consumer privacy right.


Mar 28, 2017

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