RHB Bank Berhad / asking for bank statement at the counter

I wanted to get my bank statement online via RHB Now yesterday (24th Feb 2016) but no matter how much I try, the option is blocked from me. So, I called the customer service to help me figure out the way to get it done. The first thing the customer service officer asked was, "Do you have a passbook? If you have a passbook, you cannot use the online eStatement".

Which i find stupid because you have this online service to help customer avoid driving all the way to the bank. Fine, so i decided to go to the counter.

I took the number and waited for my turn. I filled the form and upon giving it to the officer, she asked where is my passbook? I said, i haven't used the passbook for ages and I don't remember if i still have it. She talked to one of her superiors and their answer is:

"The passbook is your bank statement. Without it you cannot print it. ([censored]ing stupid reason). So I asked, is there any way i can change my account so i can use the internet banking? Her answer:

"You have to close your account and open a new account". (Again, [censored]ing stupid answer).

I said, i can't just close the account. That is where my paycheck is transfered, all my banking is done through that account.

"We can't do anything".

[censored]ing stupid bank!

Feb 25, 2016

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