SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Unprofessional and scam-like business procedures

United States


READ FIRST!!! BEWARE!!! THE COMPANY DOES HAVE A REFUND POLICY!!! is ###!!! I purchased two (2) gift certificates for $100 for one restaurant. I read and understood the special instruction for that particular restaurant. Yet also had THEIR own terms and conditions, which prevents me to use both of my certificate at one time.

I called the customer support line which lead me to a dead end after waiting over 15 minutes. I then proceeded to call the ordering line and to my surprise only a 3 minutes wait. The representative informed me they can only give me an exchange for one of my certificate for a $100 at, yet they cannot just REFUND me my $40.

Unsatisfied with the options the representative gave me I asked nicely to speak with a supervisor/manager. I believe the representative basically gave me the run-a-around answer, "My supervisor is currently on the phone, I can have him/her call you back." I replied, "I will wait, " but that also was unacceptable, I guess they don't have a phone system can place me on HOLD? But when I called the customer support and the phone ordering line, I was miraculously placed on HOLD. So I then asked when I should be expecting a return call back, TWENTY-FOUR (24) HOUR!!! You got to be kidding me, seriously... I guess if I ran a shady, unprofessional and scam-like company like this, I would have the same company procedures!

If anyone has a similar story please post and reveal this company for what it truly is!

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