Currently in the State of Florida as of March 17, 2011 there is a Class Action Lawsuit filed against Customers Who Allegedly Purchased Restaurant Coupons At Closed Restaurants in Florida File Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Against

A class action lawsuit complaint has been filed against, Inc. (“” or ”Defendant”) in the Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County Florida (styled Cristy Cora v., Inc., Class Action Case No. 11-08065CA), alleging, among other things, that sells restaurant coupons to internet customers for certain restaurants that are no longer in business, purportedly in violation of section 501.95, Fla. Stat., the CARD Act and the EFTA, 15 U.S.C. section 1693 et seq., according to the coupon class action lawsuit complaint.

The class action lawsuit complaint reportedly is brought on behalf of the following putative class of persons, unless otherwise excluded:

All of Defendant’s Florida customers who bought restaurant coupons at closed restaurants.

For more information on the restaurant coupon class action lawsuit, read the coupon class action lawsuit complaint:

Also note that several merchants in several U.S. States complained that would sell more certificates then agreed in original contract, would modify the agreement without knowledge to the merchant(s). would sell certificates that would state a "Never Expire" expiration date on all certificates and force the merchant to accept them for 5 years after they cancel their account or be forced to re-imburse as much as $17, 000.00 for refusing to accept certificates at their restaurant. is been known to avoid calling back merchants. I highly recommend that you file a class action lawsuit in your state against this company for damages.

One thing I learned is whenever you have a complaint you need to do a few things

1) File a complaint against the company thru the Better Business Bureau. Any complaints posted will be available here:

2) File a complaint with your State Attorney General office, These guys investigate deceptive practices, Click here to find one in your State.

3) Consult an Attorney and file a lawsuit.

4) Contact the Media: Television, Cable, Newspapers, Radio - Get the word out about the bad practices of a company, Remember companies hate "Bad Press" and they'll do anything from being listed on the local news!

5) Protest - Get your friends involved and protest.

Just to let you know that the Better Business Bureau has 587 complaints against (RDC) in 3 years from both consumers & merchants, This will help your case.

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