Reservation Countermisrepresentation, admitted fraud

I searched for Ramada Inn City, State where I wanted to make the reservation then followed a link to without realizing it was not the Ramada official website. I am usually pretty attentive but it had the logo on the website so I just missed that I had been redirected. I made my reservation and then realized I had made an error in the booking. I hit cancel thinking I would correct it - still not realizing I was not on Ramada's website. The next screen showed that the Reservation was cancelled and the fee was non-refundable.

I immediately called the number and asked for either the reservation to be reinstated or the fee to be refunded. The representative would put me on hold like he was actually doing something and then come back on and tell me they couldn't do either - that it was the hotel's policy. I argued - got nowhere; asked him where he was - Quatemala; asked him if he knew he worked for a company that committed fraud - he said "yes".

I am reporting the fraud to my credit card company but I don't know anything else to do.

May 12, 2017

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