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In a rush to make a hotel reservation, I called the number listed. Thought I was speaking to an employee of Best Western.
Made the reservation, and they said a confirmation would be sent. Waited for an hour...nothing. Called the number again and asked where was my confirmation. They said they had no record of my reservation. I looked up Reservation Counter online and discovered it was a fraudluent company. I called another number for Reservation Counter, and they acted like I made a mistake. I told them to cancel any reservation they had made for me, but they couldn't find anything. I then called my credit card company, they said a $1 "test" had been placed on the account, but nothing else. They then put a watch on my account. I called Best Western directly and made a reservation for almost $100 less than Reservation Counter's quote!

The next day I called the hotel. They now had two reservations in my name. One for $141, which I made, another for $207 which they said "Expedia" made and was paid in full. The hotel said they couldn't cancel this second reservation. I called Expedia. They had no record of the reservation. They suggested I call my credit card again. I called the credit card company, and they said reservation was made by Travelocity. They put a dispute on the charge and said I wouldnt be responsible for this $207 charge. They said to call Travelocity directly and try to cancel the reservation. I called Travelocity and they found the reservation and cancelled it. They said they would refund my money within 20 days. (20 days...WTF?) They said unfortunately this happens a lot with Reservation Counter. They are misleading and charge huge fees for things you can do by yourself for free.

I waited about 30 minutes and then called Best Western again. They said the reservation had been cancelled. So now I am just waiting 20 days to see if I get my money back.


Mar 25, 2014
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      26th of Jun, 2013
    Reservation Counter - Shady Operation
    Reservation Counter
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    I've had a similar experience to those who have already posted on this site.Spoof web page, not informed I was dealing with a third party instead of the actual hotel, not being informed they were charging my credit card in advance, phone connection characteristics indicative of an overseas call center, NOT an in-country one.

    After my trip, I needed a detailed receipt for my official travel voucher in order to get reimbursed and they refused to provide one. So-called supervisor was rude during that particular exchange. They even refused to respond to the BBB complaint I filed. I've elevated it to the WA State Attorney General for further action.

    I would advise anyone who has been scammed by these people to do the same.The more evidence the AG gets, the stronger the case to send these losers to where they belong.

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