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Rent a Center / 90 days paid off

1 FuquayVarina, NC, United States

I have been a customer of Rent A Center in Fuquay(store # 2828) for a little over a year and, until now, I have not had any problems with them. They recently got a new store manager, and since then I have not been as happy with them calling constantly, showing up at my home, and giving me attitude. I am renting a TV and a Wii game system from them, and the Wii was a 90 day deal. My husband and I went on vacation for a week or so, and during that time an employee called and told us our payment was late and that we should come in and make the payment. We told him we would be in to pay, but that we no longer wanted the Wii system because we did not use it as much and did not want to pay for it anymore. He then told us that we only had ONE last payment on the Wii, so we agreed to pay it. We told him when we would be coming in and he said great. We went in and paid it on the day he had said to come in on, and everything went great, we even discussed the amount that we still owed for the TV. 2 weeks pass, and we started getting phone calls saying the Wii was past due and we needed to come in asap and make payments on it. I went in the store to talk to them, and they told me that I did not pay it off in time. I told them that I spoke with an employee and that he said i needed to pay a certain amount and it would be paid off, and that when I went in and paid it, I was under the impression it was paid off. No one told me it was not paid off withing the 90 days. I found out that I paid it a few hours shy of it being paid off within the 90 days. I spoke with the manager and explained to him that I was told to come in on a certain day with a certain amount and it would be paid off. I came in on that day with the amount, so why is it not paid off? The manager told me that it must have been a "communication misunderstanding", and that i needed to pay the late fees to make it current and that he would call the district manager the following week sometime and see what he could do. I asked him why should I pay late fees on something I was told was paid off, and he couldn't give me any answers other than he would talk to the DM. So I immediately called my husband to tell him what was going on and he called the store and asked to speak with the manager. Once he and the manager started talking, it was ovbious the manager was mad that we were not willing to pay the late fee. The manager then started having a attitude and was being very rude. My husband was being very paitent and calm because he knew that the issue needed to be resolved and that getting mad about it would make things worse. The manager however, had a attitude from the start. He was yelling into the phone so loud that I could hear him from another room in the house. Since this was a new store manager, my husband was asking him what he was going to tell the DM about us as their customers since we have been good with payments, and the manager started flipping out, yelling and talking about how he gets paid the same amount every week. What does that have to do with anything? This new manager does not know us, nor does he know how we have handled our relationship with the store when it had the old manager, but he did not seem at all worried about the fact that he was being irrational with people who are paying him. He seemed like he wanted my husband to get angry and yell. He was trying to push all my husbands buttons and even called him "brotha" a few times in a way that was talking down to him. The manager kept saying "well, dont pay it then!!!" over and over. What kind of buisness is he trying to run. How can he handle buisness in that way? I have never seen a manager handle his customers so poorly. He ended up hanging up the phone when my husband asked why he was so irrate when my husband had not gotten an attitude or raised his voice to him. The manager just said "DONT PAY IT THEN!" and hung up. I am very dissapointed in the brance because we were aout to rent some furniture, but now I don't even want to enter the store. I think that this problem could have been handled in a better way if the old manager was still there. Now it is in the hands of the DM. We called the corporate office and made a complaint, and the DM is supposed to call us the first of the week since it is the weekend. Hopefully our issue will be handled by someone a little more professional.

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