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I bought the stepway plus last year in May. The mileage is +- 8500 and still under warranty.

The car has been giving me a starter problem since from the 21st of January 2019. It was towed to Kokstad Renault and it stayed there for 2 full weks. I fetched the car on the 5th of February and there was a lady by name of Nthabi Shabalala, she was also there to her stepway plus which had the starter problem like mine and it was there for the second for the same problem. The workshop manager confirmed that this starter problem is a factory fault. I drove the car for 3 days because on the 8th of the same month the problem started again. On the 11th of February the car was towed to Kokstad Renault again and it is still there.

My complaint is : I bought the car to take me to my work place and for business purposes. I've been a pedestrian for 3 weeks and few days. It's almost a month. My small business has lost a lot since from 21st of January. Its difficult for me to access my work place and to move from point a to point b. I'm paying for something that is not useful to me.

The workshop manager had promised to give me a courtesy car but he is now beating around the bush. What surprises is Miss Shabalala was given a courtesy car. Why not me? Yesterday she phoned telling me that her car is not starting again. This is happening for the 3rd time now.

It clear that the stepway plus has a serious starter problem and once the warranty expires we will be stuck with the Renault problem and we will popping out money from our pockets to fix the non-fixable problem.

I've been driving the 2013 Stepway for 5 years and it didn't not give me any problems. I would like Renault to give me another car. I would like to go back to stepway. It seems that I made a terrible mistake by choosing a stepway plus. This plus is giving me nightmares. It is not reliable at all. I will be scared to drive long distances because of its unreliability.

Please help me with a new car.

My name is Ethel Nthunya and my contact is [protected]

Feb 17, 2019
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      Aug 27, 2019

    We also experienced the same with our 2018 Stepway, and after the 3rd break down we had to part with the car and settling for 80K debt

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