Renaultmileage increased by 5000 km during service at renault gateway umhlanga branch

M Mar 07, 2017

On the 4 February 2016, I took my vehicle for a 10 000km service at Renault Gateway Umhlanga. The vehicle was handed in at a mileage of 10206km.
After the service, I collected the vehicle and immediately noticed that the mileage was 15 000km. An increase of 5000km which was unnoticed by the technician. An increase in mileage...This is extremely shocking and disturbing.
It was brought to the attention of the technician Ralph. He looked at the vehicle again and his reply was "Never in the history of Renault did we experience this"
He advised that he will get head office to look into this. My wife had taken a picture of the mileage when the vehicle was handed in...this corresponds to their job card.
I hand plans to buy my wife another vehicle. I wanted to trade in the Clio and upgrade to a Captur but this is such an inconvenience as the mileage increased by 5000km during service ...a huge loss to me
I'm wondering whether the vehicle I purchased was really brand new or the clock has been tampered with and reset to zero at the time of purchase.
I can clearly remember that I wanted a red Clio and was forced to take this mercury silver Clio at the last second for a Valentine's day gift last year 2016. Maybe it was not brand new because on the day of purchase even the aircon wasn't working. We were advised to book the car in the service department. I also experienced problems and delays with the part ordered...Recalling that the service from date of purchase was POOR.
My wife emails Nadia w.r.t. booking the service/faults ... A few days later she calls Nadia because there is no reply. Nadia says" Mrs Lazarus I just looked had your email now"
She was advised by Nadia to book for a service only on a Saturday and book mon-fri day for faults. This is really an inconvenience. My wife uses the vehicle mon-fri and it's only available on a Saturday to sort service/faults.
Tanya Hardy, customer relations has claimed ownership to this complaint on 9 February via email and to date there is no concrete reply from her. I called for the manager Komlin...he's not at work or not available and was told that the technician Ralph cannot receives calls... So I assume that there no-one to resolve thi

This is my car and I have the right to know why the mileage has increased by 5000km. In monetary value... This is a huge loss, an inconvenience and unacceptable and in my opinion a very negative recommendation for Renault.

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