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Complaints & Reviews

pathetic service and blatant cheating

Firstly my car was kept at Renault for two days for a normal service because the receptionist made a mistake...

avoid renault at all costs

We as a family own 8 renaults so ibought a cilo for my wife as I know the brand. The car had a slight miss but was running, tookit to renault sandton for service, they broke the tensioner pully off and took off the cam belt and then said they cannot repair the vechile thier own brand. Then had to pay r1500 and tow the car away a car that was running when went to them.

Took the car to renault klerksdorp to be sorted out they locked the keys in car and when I called them lied to me and said car is on test, after two days the truth cane out and they did nothing. Have to get a a lockedsmith to open car at my expense when they locked it, when collected the car it not running right and they refuse to sort it out saying theey not have time, and the car was in a filthy state when I asked them they said no thier problem to have it clean.

Can renault south africa please sort this out, I think we will rather sell all renault we have and go to a other brand if this is the case.

the management is absolutely useless

Where should I start…Renault is the most pathetic motor dealer I have ever worked with, they keep on promising but they NEVER deliver!!! On my 30 000km service I asked them to replace my reverse lights as well as petrol cap but they didn’t have any spares – fair enough but with my 45 000km service the same thing happened – and that after I booked my service a month before the time and told them to order the spares as they indicated on my 30 000km service invoice!!! I had a few complaints with my car and none off them were corrected with all of my services! Every time I phone them, I have to hold on for about 15min. The management is absolutely useless!!! I regret that I bought the Renault Cleo III and will never buy a Renault in my life again!

  • Ab
    abu sufyan shaikh Oct 30, 2013

    I have Renault duster it's 8 month completed in 2 month rediator is damaged, in 6 month roof is leaking all water comes inside the car not at 8 month disc plate is gone service is useless every Customer say badwords manegment changes in1 month worker are fresher maneger and service advisor are not responding 1 hour I have 2 stand no 1 comes all doors are sounding like a bus I m fadup plzz Renault u have 2 see ur service department I have drop my car at service station and I said I don't want it contact 2 ur service at thana India

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every renault experience is a bad experience

I have my Renault Clio3 almost 3 years now and I have not once had a good experience with them. My first service (15000km) they spilled some kind of glue all over my bonnet and rear bumper. The first reaction from Renault was to blame me. Eventually they fixed it by buffing the glue out, and yes it did leave permanent damage and I got a speeding fine while my car was at Renault. My aircon sounds like a tractor being started since I bought the car but Renault can't find anything wrong! Great mechanics hey!! My latest visit to Renault is for a Cam belt gear that needs to be replaced. After hearing nothing but silence form Renault and holding for more than 30min on my cell phone, they informed me that the part they ordered was faulty. Thank you for the update guys, I would have appreciated it if you could have kept me informed. After asking them if my car will be done by 12am the next day, as I needed it, they took another 30minutes to come back to me. In the end of the day, the car's drive is fine, but with the worst service I have experienced in my life I will never drive a Renault again (I'm ending the misery), not even if you give me one. Go to Toyota and learn something.

faulty aoirbags and seatbelts.

On the 24th of July 2010, round about 11h20, I was in an accident on the R24 (Johannesburg). A person who was travelling infront of me, came to a complete stop, I immediatley slammed on brakes and my brakes locked for about 15m. I was travelling at a speed of approximately 90km/h. I was thrown across the steering wheel and my passenger across the dash board. We were both wearing our seatbelts/ safetybelts, although they failed to hold us back. With the intense impact that I hit the other car, to my understanding the airbags should've opened up, which they did not do, they remained close. My car is a 2006 model, I did buy it 2nd hand from an authorised dealership and it did go through an inspection. I would please like some advise on how to take this matter future and to whom and how, as safety should NOT have a lifespan connected to it. My life was at stake and I will not allow this to happen again to me or any one else...

Sanelle Briel

faulty aoirbags and seatbelts.
faulty aoirbags and seatbelts.

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defective parts in car

I find myself yet again another unsatisfied Renault customer
my grand scenic has once again broken down
it occurred last Sunday 25 April without warning
The car had to be towed to Seaman's Renault the next Monday and they still have it
and indicated that they don't know what is wrong and cannot find the fault

It this why the car only comes with a 60 000km / 3 year warranty
after the 60 000 all these issue started happening and I've had enough

I plan to sell the car as soon as I get it back if ever from Seaman's
11May Seamans called me to say they managed to find the fault and its the Injector computer which needs replacing andthat it will cost >R10 0000 to have the car fixed
This is ridiculous!!!

Iam very peeved to say the least
AGAIN this this is not a wear and tear item that I have control over and I should not be fitting the bill for this.
The car is less that 4 years old. What Shoddy cars are they building are did they sell me a dud?

I expect some client satisfaction as I dont expect again to pay for computer car part out of my pocket

Anyone else with the same problems???

Resolved 2005 megane scenic 1.5dci dashboard failure

I have a four year old car which i have had qite a few electrical problems, like flickering head lights, when i put the brakes on the dashboard display flickered then i found out that i had to have a new loom fitted that seemed to cure it. Now i seem to have a dashboard display fault it keeps going off and coming back on, i have been reading reviews on this car and its a common fault on this type of renault, which renault no about but wont admit to the fault, i have been quoted £600 for the dashboard, display and then there is labour on top of that which is over another £100 sterling, my car is only 4years old surely this, should not be happening.I have had 4 renault cars now 2 i have had problems with this being one of them, it has really put me off buying another car from your company this seems to be a manufacturing fault on these models and renault will not stand up and fix this problem there are hundreds if not thousands that have the same problem, and you do no of this.Look at whats happened at, TOYOTA but there C.E.O, has stood up and sorted all toyotas faults out what a nice man i think i will buy japanese again.Well i have write this and will be let down again typical renault.From karl thompson a much dissgruntled customer, can you help me with this problem help...

Resolved spare parts of logan not available

Spare parts of mahindra renault logan car are available for counter sale in service center and nothing is available in market, so where we should goto purchase spare parts?

Service center people are demanding hefty charges for service and spare part installations. This is no a fare practice and monoply from a reputed company.

spare parts of logan not available

Resolved quality

I have been driving a Renault Laguna, 2006 model. The key of the car(it's a card) has broken twice within the last 3 years. The springs below the buttons fail and the card becomes useless. Although this is explained as a problem of quality by the registered service station, Renault Turkey does not pay for the new card/key and tries to sell the new one at the expense of $350.

Resolved car defects

I am living in Egypt and Please I need you help with my car which is a Renault Ménage 2 new shape model [protected] car chassis number [protected], motor number 555, consumed about 66, 000KM

I do all my regular service visits to The Arab Mechanics ( your authorized service center) as its near my home and since I bought the car I had several troubles!!!

1- A problem with the gearbox at almost 20, 000KM and they had to fix it for 3 days removing the car motor totally out of a new car!!! Installing a new gear cooling mechanism and after they change it I had a terrible noise with the motor and they don’t know a reason for that!!!

2- Then all of a sudden I discovered an error with the Air-condition at some models my car with one of them but appreciate your efforts I was contacted by your local service provider to install a new software controlling the air-condition but it still looks defected to me.

3- Then I had a problem with the steering and they had to change the lower steering box attached to the wheels however after the problem persists at 42, 000KM they had to change the steering bar inside the car, taking off the steering wheel and they but a huge new one.

It did work fine for about 20, 000KM and then now I have the same problem again!!! and they say that my care is out of the warranty...how come while this a new part and has been installed for just 20, 000Km and i am suffering from this care since I bought it although its my second ménage and the third Renault car I had. And should the steering mechanism be changed every 20, 000KM……does this make since in brand such as Renault and in car as the Ménage??!!!

Never the less, I still have the terrible motor sound and they can not figure out what is going on.

Please I need to change the damaged parts in my car as it is not acceptable by any how that a big company as Renault can not fix one of its cars and when install a new major part, it turns to be defected.

Awaiting your reply

Peter Hanna
Marketing Manager
Xerox Egypt
Cairo Alex desert road, K22 Pyramids Heights, Building C2

Resolved terrible service

Greetings .<br />
If I have a complaint over service received from a motor dealership/ agent who I asked to service my car, we had a terrible experience, please where can I get legal advise to pursue the matter and complain <br />
thanks <br />
Kelly <br />

Resolved poor service

Customer care mahindra Renault

Sub. Service center hissar9supreme automobiles]

Dear Sir,
I am really sorry to own Logan car as far as service is concerned.
I complained one year back but could not the solution. I am sure that this time also I won’t get solution but for self satisfaction I am again telling you with confidence that this time something will be done.
This is for your kind information that on Monday the 29th June I enquired that my car is facing such and such difficulties so when should I send my car to service depot Mr. Jain said come tomorrow everything will be done right. on 30th morning again inquired should d I send the car and green signal from jain sahib the car was taken to service centre .there was no body responsible available .anyway chart was made all quarries done by the staff and car was taken in side the service centre

And after three and half hours to my utmost disappointment the service staff says sorry for certain things we do not mechanic and for certain problems we do not have parts so we can not do any thing please take your car away.
Respected sir this has happened three four times but I did not complain only because I thought that it was by chance but now it is proved that company is making fool of consumer and plays with money and time of the consumer.
You will surprised to note that I am enjoying the loan facility of mahindra finance and finance people do not give the details of cheques they have drawn they made installation as per their wish not as mutually agreed upon for last more than one and half year .
This type of working does not suit to the renowned company like you this is my last letter to your good self if you do not hear or revert to this unfortunately I will have to all necessary action to get my lawful right which may not be pleasant for both of us.


CELL. [protected]

CAR NO. HR-16-F-8561ENGINE NO. D008155



  • An
    ANIL KHANDELWAL Nov 26, 2009



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  • An
    ANIL KHANDELWAL Nov 29, 2009

    This is Anil Khandelwal from Delhi, India. I'v purchased a Mahindra-Renault Logan from Sri durga Automobiles, Delhi. We are neither satisfied with the performance of the car & the services provide by your dealer.
    Whenever the car has been sent for the servicing, they don't tell anything about the issues. When we reach the service station, which is 15 -20 kms apprx from my residence, they tell us that there is some problem with your car. Before going to take our car back, we always make 2-3 calls to make sure that the servicing has been done fully, they tell us that car is ready. But from recent 3-4 services, this is happening continuously & it has been experienced that servicing is not done properly & some extra work has to be done.

    Today also, we'v sent our car for servicing & the person at your dealer point stated that we can take the car back . We also confirmed about the charges & I gave that amount to my son that was demanded by the dealer. But when he reached there, it was found that servicing was not done properly and they said that Hose Pipes have broken so extra money is needed for that.

    Please resolve our issue as early as possible or I'm going to sue the dealer & the Company both in Consumer Court!
    I'm just fed up of kind of services provided by the Mahindra-Renault Group & just thinking over my decision of choosing this car!

    Anil Khandelwal

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  • An
    ANIL KHANDELWAL Apr 10, 2010

    i am anil khandelwal from delhi. i had purchased logan car form sri durga automobiles.delhi. i am very upset from your services. they are given us very bad services for the car. and the car u have made is so worse that i am regretting my decision why i had purchesed the car from ur company. i am very dissapointing with ur company . at any when i want to go to out of station every time my car heated up . and after that i had sent my car to the garage of ur company then dont even know what is the fault in the car. i m really upset. after u just made long bills . so i want u to contant me. as early early as possible.

    anil khandelwal

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Resolved window regulator switches

I have a renault Megane Grand Scenic just over 4 years old. I bought this 2nd hand in September 2006 and in...

service & expense

I had a washer pump fitted to my Megane in January 2006, the pump has now failed. Not too bad I thought, it only cost me £10.35. I phoned my local dealers today 13/10/08, the exact same part is now £40.00. How can this be? it's way above the inflation rate.My whole bill for fitting & parts was only £49.00 in 2006. I am astounded by the huge jump in price & find it rediculous. I have had so many faults with my Megane that I will never purchase a Renault again. On another occasion at Renault Swansea I was charged over £125.00 to have 1 of my ignition coils fitted. I was told it was a complicated job & took a long time to complete. Since that experience I now buy my own coils for £14.00 & fit them in under 40 seconds. I was shown this by an AA mechanic. I was treated unlawfully by Renault Swansea & believe I was illeagally charged for labour Not served. I don't know what is going on at Renault, but it surely has opened my eyes. Never ever again.

renault sa is unethical fraudsters

I bought a new 2005 Scenic II which were excessively in the East Rand Renault workshop over a 12 month period with endless mechanical problems that started at 7000 km. Quality control on this vehicle was shocking, only out-performed by the incompetence and unwillingness of both the East Rand and Klerksdorp Renault workshops to take ownership and rectify the problems. I was pressurized by Renault SA to 'trade' this vehicle, due to its excessive problems, for a new 2006 Scenic II off their East Rand floor. I elevated this, by forcing a meeting with Francis Guy (Technical Manager Renault SA) on 22 May 2006, without any success or even a follow-up by him or his office. The net result of this trade was that I lost R 80 000 from my initial deposit due to the difference in trade and new vehicle prices. The 2006 Renault Scenic started with mechanical problems at 15 000 km and the same incompetence to fix it and unwillingness to take ownership is playing itself out at Bryanston Renault. I have kept evidence of this saga and are looking for ANYBODY (media, regulating bodies, ect) that is willing to take this case study to help expose these fraudsters.

terrible service quality

I have repeatedly tried to book my car in for maintenance at Renault Cape Town. The service agent who took my booking informed me, 1 day before the date given for the maintenance, that the parts for my car had not been ordered (25 April 2008). I was promised a follow up a few weeks later. I have heard nothing from this dealer since. Every time I phone I am told the person is out, at the bank or will call me back. I have spoken to at least 3 people there since the middle of May and have had absolutely no service from any of them. I was even phoned by the "after-service satisfactory" people whom I told this story to and I was also contacted by the sales department asking me if I wanted to upgrade my car. I repeated this story to both individuals who stated they would "send an e-mail" to the relevant people.

The parts I need are grab handles for a Megane II and a gearlever knob. I was told that both these parts were under warranty when I first inquired about this in February 2008, after yet another disappointing service from Renault Tygerberg.

The service and general attitudes of the staff at the Renault dealers I have been to is disgraceful to say the least. I am planning on selling my car and will never touch another Renault again.

  • Xi
    xilef May 12, 2010

    try Strand Autoworks, fast snappy frendly and 30% chaeper then the con artisits at Renault.
    screw the warentee, they wont honour it anyway, been there done that.

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  • Ab
    Abiel Kubeka Aug 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought my vehicle for cash at Penta Motors in Klerksdorp Renault Duster 1.5dCi new shape. It was all smiles after I bought the car and I gladly took delivery of the vehicle. The challenge came when I had to receive the registration documents of the vehicle, it took so long that they had to issue the second temporary registration permit. I contacted the branch and I could not be given access to the Manager Peet (every-time they would take the message and promised that he would call me back). I eventually found his direct cell number and I called him, immediately when he realized that it was me he was talking to he told me that he was in a meeting and he would get back to me. I eventually called Renault SA Customer Care Department and there I was sent from pillar to post. The lady who was said to be the most senior person promised to investigate the matter and get back to me (and that was in January 2019), I am still waiting for her to get back to me.
    Secondly when I wanted to take my vehicle in for service at Brits I was referred to KIA dealership. I took my vehicle in and the very first day after booking the car in I requested to talk to a technical person about some of the concerns that I had on the vehicle. A very rude white man who actually by the body language he displayed showed that he did not have time for me came asking me what I wanted. I asked him about the reverse camera sensor that was not flushing like others with the body and he asked me as to what is wrong with that because the camera is working. I explained to him that it was a defect because the sensor was not positioned like all the other sensors and he told me that he saw nothing wrong with that and he turned his back and walked away from me. I took my vehicle in for the second service and when I went to fetch it the vehicle was not properly cleaned. What is interesting is that after I have taken my car to this dealership for service (and it is now two times), I have never received a caller (like other companies would do) to follow up on my experience with the dealer. What is also very strange is that there is a Renault Dealership in Brits but we have to have our vehicles serviced at KIA.

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terrible customer service!

I would like to lodge a complaint following the repairs recently conducted on my vehicle. I am not happy about the service and treatment I have received. On 22nd January 2008 I dropped off my car, a Renault Clio 3 vehicle no: 4024046dwnzc, for service and to have its battery fixed as it failed to start properly. Your employee assured me that it was in complete working order. Thus, I collected the vehicle and paid nothing as it was part of the warranty and the maintenance plan I have, only to find that they did not make the repairs, and the car still won't start. I spoke with Mr. Wesser, your service manager, who told me, to bring it in for the 2nd time for them to fix it. Which I did on the 30th Jan. I was happy when I was told that the car has been fixed, however this was short lived as I was told to pay R1000 for the replacement of the Battery plug that was installed. I disputed this, as this is a new vehicle and I cannot be held liable for the manufactures faults. Then Mr. Wesser insisted that it was my fault and claimed that I Jump started the vehicle and if I refuse to pay they will remove the part which they installed and the vehicle will be towed to where I stay.

I'm certainly not happy with such comments and service, and I expect your dealership to fix the car properly as they should have the 1st time. As a result of the disagreement Mr. told me to pay only for the part and not the labor. I only paid because I really needed to use the vehicle and I insist that I should have not been charged for any of the repairs done.

Resolved I am tired of phoning renault, I do not have the energy anymore

I bought a car at Renault Germiston in March 2006. The car instalment was R999 with a deposit of 10 %. When...